LocalHarvest Newsletter, September 25, 2020
Farmers and Markets in the Pandemic: a new study

Curious about how the pandemic is affecting farmers? We were too.

The pandemic has affected all of us -- producers, consumers, humans trying to get through 2020. Of course, we were and are particularly interested in how it was affecting producers and farmers. Thanks to hundreds of you who participated in our surveys (seriously, thank you!) and the incredible support and expertise from engineers at the Stanford Department of Management Science and Engineering, we were able to deepen our understanding of how the pandemic has affected markets, supply chain issues, and farmer needs.

Our hope and plan is that this deeper understanding will help LocalHarvest better serve the ongoing needs of farmers and other producers.

The link to the study is below; we want to say a huge thank you to Yunru Huang, who is is the lead author of this article and just graduated from Stanford with an MS in Management Science and Engineering (MS&E). Hannah Li, PhD student, Ramesh Johari, professor, and Irene Lo, assistant professor (all at Stanford MS&E) also assisted in conducting the survey and writing this article. We are super grateful to the whole team for generously giving their time and expertise to this project to support local agriculture.

To our health,
-Susan Drury

CSA / Food Hub Management Software

We don't have to tell you that CSAs have gone gonzo lately. Just ask our tired, hard-working LocalHarvest technical staff who have been putting in 14 hours days to support the growing number of CSA farms using our platform. CSAware works for single farms, multiple farms, and other emerging food hub models to onboard customers, communicate with them, manage orders, delivery routes, and more. When you are ready to start using a cloud-based platform, we are here for you.

Introducing: The Western Meat School

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