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Feb 2, 2003

Local Harvest Newsletter -- February 2, 2003

Hello, and welcome to our newsletter! 

OK. I got lazy. I have to admit it. It took me almost 6 weeks to get 
to writing this newsletter.  But it's hard to "get inspired" when 
things are so incredibly nice outside.  Sorry east-coast people, but I 
have to tell you that this January in Santa Cruz has felt more like 
April.  There are people tanning in bikinis at the beach, just a block 
away from here as I write this, and it's very tempting to be outside 
instead of in the office writing software, pursuing partnerships with 
sustainable agriculture and farmer groups, or putting together newsletters.
(that's why you'll notice there's no "new partnership" featured in this 

But I'm sure you'll forgive me this time...

Read on for more details on what we've been up to, to visit our featured 
farm, and to learn about our new products and members.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 1) CSA Season is Here!
 2) Featured Product:  Asparagus
 3) Featured Member:  Olin-Fox Farm
 4) New Products
 5) New Members


The CSA subscription season is going on in full force.  A good chunk
of the traffic we're seeing now in Local Harvest is CSA related, as 
hundreds of people come every day to our Web site searching for their 
local CSAs.

Some of our Member CSAs are already sold out for the year, but most are 
not, so if you haven't found a local one, now is the time to search for
it in Local Harvest.  Just search for "Family Farms" in your area by
entering your Zip code into our search engine.  Your local farms offering 
CSAs will say so in their listings.

Local Harvest lists 726 CSAs around the nation.  There's likely to be 
one serving *your* community.  Find it through our search engine, and
support your local farmer while ensuring a plentiful supply of good,
healthy, local food for your family for 2003.

If you want to find out more about Community Supported Agriculture, 
you can visit this page: http://www.localharvest.org/morecsa.jsp


Although it's not quite asparagus season in most of the country, I've
decided to make asparagus this month's featured product for the simple
reason that I had some great local asparagus a few days ago, sauteed
in butter and garlic, and with a dash of white wine.  It was such an
exquisite experience, that I just *had* to return the veggie the favor.

So...  I've put together an asparagus page for you, where you can 
find which ones of the 186 asparagus growers listed in our Web site
are close to you, learn the answers to such life mysteries as "why 
does asparagus make my pee smell funny?", and read about the not one, 
but two asparagus festivals held in the USA every year.  Check it out:

And if your farm or farmers' market offers asparagus, make sure you 
say so on your listing!  You don't want to miss out on all of our 
visitors looking for those tender green shoots to steam, saute, 
or make some other tasty dish wish.

Olin-Fox Farms

Olin-Fox is a small, family-owned farm in Northumberland County, Virginia, 
where they grow the finest heirloom and specialty fruits and vegetables, 
as well as flowers and herbs. Their farm has practiced earth-friendly 
principles for over 20 years, and they serve their local community via
U-Pick, CSA, and their local Farmers' Market.

The Olin-Fox CSA still has a few shares available, so if you are in their
area, hurry up and contact them, and you might still be able to sign up
for the tons of yummy veggies that they'll be distributing during the 
Spring-to-Fall CSA season.

Here's a little excerpt from their listing:

"We are busy preparing for the 2003 season. We have overwintering greens 
that are doing quite well and John has all the garlic planted; he has started 
seedlings for peppers, eggplant, herbs, etc. for this summer. We have also 
planted a lot of flowers for this year. Soon we will be planting our peas, 
potatoes, lettuce, etc. for the first delivery of spring, 2003."

And if you happen to be in Virginia, don't miss visiting them on the
Chesapeake Bay or, starting in May, at their stand at the Irvington 
Farmers' Market.

We are constantly asked to add new products into our database.  These
requests typically range from the "wow, how could we have left that one
out" (like limes) to the borderline bizarre (like Emu Eggs). 

>From these requests, we add into our database the ones that are likely 
to be offered by more than just a small group of our members, and we 
ask the farms suggesting "strange" stuff to mention these products 
in the "text" part of their listings instead.  Some of the more interesting 
recent additions to our products list are Worm Castings and Sheepskins.
We don't list too many farms offering these yet, since they are very
recent additions, but we do have a few, so I would recommend that you
do a search for them in our Web site anyway.  Maybe the farms offering 
these also happen to be close to you.

What follows is the entire list of recent additions.  If you are a farmer 
offering some of these, make sure you update your listing with this 
information.  If you are a member of the public searching for these, I'd suggest 
you wait a few weeks before you search our Web site until we have more members 
listing them.

Here is the list:

 - currants  
 - kumquats      
 - pomelos    
 - mandarins      
 - limes        
 - bread           
 - baked goods      
 - fish / seafood       
 - angora 
 - wine  
 - beer 
 - spelt
 - earthworms
 - christmas trees
 - firewood    
 - sodas    
 - pet food          
 - teas               
 - leather / sheepskins
 - compost / manure      
 - plants (bedding, etc)

Since our last newsletter on December 22, Local Harvest has grown by 
120 new members,  all of them direct additions into the Web site from 
the Internet.  We recently made an effort to spread the word about 
our Web site among small-scale flower growers, and as a result, we've 
had about 40 new flower growing farms creating listings on our site.  

We now list 440 flowers growers. To find one close to you, just follow 
this link: 


We end our newsletter with a list of the names, member numbers, and 
locations of the latest additions to our Web site.  (see below for all 
120 of them...)

We encourage you to visit their Local Harvest listings. To do so,
just enter their member number (the number on the first column)
into the "Name/Description/Product" field in the Local Harvest search 

Thank you for your continued support.


  --Guillermo Payet
    Executive Director
    Local Harvest

 5039  E.A.T. Food for Life Farm            (Yorkshire,  Ohio) 
 5040  Earthscape / Full Circle             (Hesperia,  Michigan) 
 5041  Sunflower Fields Farm                (Postville,  Iowa) 
 5042  Hart's Back 2 Nature Farm            (Wyalusing,  Pennsylvania) 
 5043  Vital Zuman Organic Farm             (Malibu,  California) 
 5044  Larga Vista Ranch                    (Boone,  Colorado) 
 5045  King's Hill Farm                     (Mineral Point,  Illinois) 
 5046  EnergyShifters                       (Fallbrook,  Pennsylvania) 
 5048  Ploughshare Farm                     (Parkers Prairie,  Minnesota) 
 5049  Kirk Farm                            (Groton,  Massachusetts) 
 5050  Jubilee Chocolates                   (Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania) 
 5051  Skippack Farmers Market              (Skippack,  Pennsylvania) 
 5052  Marketplace Co-op                    (Franklin,  Tennessee) 
 5053  Show Off Farm                        (Gresham,  Oregon) 
 5054  Acacia                               (Richmond,  Virginia) 
 5055  New Life Food Coop                   (Dayton,  Ohio) 
 5056  Big Island Art Farm                  (Captain Cook,  Hawaii) 
 5057  Le Farm                              (Germantown,  New York) 
 5059  Gordon Skagit Farms                  (Mt. Vernon,  Washington) 
 5060  Schafer Sheep Farm                   (Greenwich,  New York) 
 5061  Alison Wines & Vineyards             (Red Hook,  New York) 
 5062  Organic Planet Farms                 (Fallbrook,  California) 
 5063  VB Farms                             (Aromas,  California) 
 5065  Crawford Farms                       (Lawtey,  Florida) 
 5066  STP Farms                            (Reynolds,  Indiana) 
 5067  Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm        (Ottawa,  Illinois) 
 5070  Ukiah Brewing Co. & Restaurant       (Ukiah,  California) 
 5071  Boann's Banks                        (Royston,  Georgia) 
 5072  Long and Scott Farms                 (Mt. Dora,  Florida) 
 5073  Dias Pomelos                         (Hanford,  California) 
 5074  Greater Grand Rapids Food Systems Council (Grand Rapids,  Michigan) 
 5075  Lubbers Family Farm                  (Grand Rapids,  Michigan) 
 5076  Pleasant Hill Farm                   (Fennville,  Michigan) 
 5077  Seattle Tilth Association            (Seattle,  Washington) 
 5079  Finger Lakes Organic Growers Cooperative  (North Rose,  New York) 
 5080  Canvas Ranch                         (Petaluma,  California) 
 5081  Maquoketa Valley Producers           (Maquoketa,  Iowa) 
 5082  Highland Orchards Farm Market        (Wilmington,  Delaware) 
 5083  Home Grown Kansas                    (Wichita,  Kansas) 
 5084  Faithful Acres Farm                  (Munnsville,  New York) 
 5086  Made In The Hudson Valley            (Tarrytown,  New York) 
 5087  Green Pastures Farm                  (Kirkwood,  Pennsylvania) 
 5088  Skagitonians To Preseve Farmland     (Mt. Vernon,  Washington) 
 5089  Bayview Farmers Market               (Bayview,  Washington) 
 5090  Kittitas Valley Greenhouse           (Ellensburg,  Washington) 
 5092  Lake City Farmers Market             (Seattle,  Washington) 
 5093  Magnolia Farmers Market              (Seattle,  Washington) 
 5095  Elmwood Stock Farm                   (Georgetown,  Kentucky) 
 5096  Maple Farm                           (Wantage,  New Jersey) 
 5097  Willow Creek Farms                   (Willow Creek,  California) 
 5098  pdcllamas/produce/soap CSA           (Davisburg,  Michigan) 
 5099  JuJo Acres Farm                      (Loysville,  Pennsylvania) 
 5100  Durango Natural Foods                (Durango,  Colorado) 
 5101  Genesis Farm                         (Chapel Hill,  North Carolina) 
 5102  Bit By Bit Farms                     (Summerville,  Oregon) 
 5103  Sweet Dream Mountain Farm            (Hoosick Falls,  New York) 
 5105  Clodhopper Farm                      (Springville,  Pennsylvania) 
 5106  Maple City Market                    (Goshen,  Indiana) 
 5107  Summer Creek Farm                    (Thurmont,  Maryland) 
 5108  Anaheim Farmers Market               (Anaheim,  California) 
 5109  Manthei Hog Farm                     (Elk River,  Minnesota) 
 5110  Grubshed Missoula                    (Missoula,  Montana) 
 5112  L.T. Organic Farm Resturant and Market    (Waukee,  Iowa) 
 5113  Stott Farms                          (Las Cruces,  New Mexico) 
 5115  Home At Last Farms                   (Winters,  Texas) 
 5116  Nothin' Fancy                        (Burr Oak,  Kansas) 
 5117  King's Crossing Farm                 (San Saba,  Texas) 
 5118  Moore Farms                          (Bullard,  Texas) 
 5119  Provident Farms                      (Liberty,  Pennsylvania) 
 5120  Emery's Berry Patch                  (New Egypt,  New Jersey) 
 5121  Ozark Natural Produce Farm           (Pierce city,  Missouri) 
 5123  Shaw Farms                           (Columbia ,  Maryland) 
 5125  Spiker Worm and Casting/Vermitechnology Unlimited  (Wheeler,  Illinois) 
 5127  Berryfields Farm                     (New Albany,  Pennsylvania) 
 5129  Valley View Natural Beef             (Edgerton,  Minnesota) 
 5131  Maple Bank Farm                      (Roxbury,  Connecticut) 
 5132  Herban Kitchen                       (New York,  New York) 
 5133  The Organic Grill                    (New York,  New York) 
 5134  Pe-R-Ly Meadows                      (Whitesville,  New York) 
 5135  Avalon Farms Premium Homegrown       (Climax,  Michigan) 
 5136  Covenant Family Farm                 (Zolfo Springs,  Florida) 
 5137  Fiddler Bee                          (Fulton,  Missouri) 
 5138  Steve-N-Sons Sustenance              (Coopersville,  Michigan) 
 5139  Bamboo Grove Organic Farm            (Homestead,  Florida) 
 5140  Bloomingdale Farms                   (Akron,  New York) 
 5141  BlueGrass Beef                       (Centre Hall,  Pennsylvania) 
 5142  Ziegler Garden                       (Newport News,  Virginia) 
 5143  Elysian Fields Farm                  (Cedar Grove,  North Carolina) 
 5144  Neitzel's Cut Flowers                (Seguin,  Texas) 
 5146  Bindweed Farm                        (Blackfoot,  Idaho) 
 5147  Flora Organica                       (McKinleyville,  California) 
 5150  Lone Star Flower Farm                (Nacogdoches,  Texas) 
 5151  Texas Sown & Grown                   (Richmond,  Texas) 
 5154  Harrison Flowers                     (Hood River,  Oregon) 
 5155  Chattanooga's Homegrown Market       (Chattanooga,  Tennessee) 
 5157  plantmasters                         (bethesda,  Maryland) 
 5158  Polly's Flower Farm and Polly's Prawns    (Albany,  Ohio) 
 5159  Dobie's Flowers & Produce            (Durango,  Iowa) 
 5160  WiseAcres                            (Huntingtown,  Maryland) 
 5161  High Meadow Flower Farm              (Warwick,  New York) 
 5162  Sunborn Gardens                      (Mt Horeb,  Wisconsin) 
 5163  Dorian Hill Flower Farm              (West Chester,  Pennsylvania) 
 5164  Country Garden & Farm Market         (Roanoke,  Indiana) 
 5165  Mossback Farm                        (Yamhill,  Oregon) 
 5166  Dautoff Exotics                      (Watsonville,  California) 
 5169  Howling Wolf Farm                    (Hope,  New Jersey) 
 5170  Harmony Farm                         (Hartland,  Vermont) 
 5171  My Garden Blooms                     (Emmaus,  Pennsylvania) 
 5174  Lakewood Educational Farm            (Bedford,  New Hampshire) 
 5176  Sharritt Market Gardens              (Fortville,  Indiana) 
 5179  Island Flower Farm                   (Grand Isle,  Vermont) 
 5180  Riverbend Farm                       (Delano,  Minnesota) 
 5181  Shelton Farmers' Market              (Shelton,  Washington) 
 5182  Wells Family Farm                    (Williamsburg,  Michigan) 
 5184  West Branch Flower Farm              (Washington,  Massachusetts) 
 5185  Carlson's Farm                       (Dresden,  Maine) 
 5186  Double Decker Farm                   (Hillsdale,  New York) 
 5187  Rock Farm                            (Marietta,  Georgia) 
 5190  3DFarm Inc.                          (Menomonie,  Wisconsin) 
 5191  Vollmecke Orchards CSA               (Coatesville,  Pennsylvania) 

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