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Newsletter > May 5, 2003

May 5, 2003

Hello, and welcome to our newsletter! 

And things keep moving!  The "Buy Local" movement is certainly hitting
the mainstream, and with it, our Web site keeps growing and more and more
interesting things continue to happen here in our neck of the woods.

We now have almost 2000 people getting weekly updates through our "keep me 
posted" feature (http://www.localharvest.org/keepmeposted.jsp), we're 
getting more than 2600 visits to the Web site per day on peak days, and this
little newsletter is going out today to close to 4000 subscribers.

And what does all this mean?  It means that many of our members are getting
plenty of new business through us, and that lots of people around the 
country are learning about local foods and finding good sources for it 
close to home.  And that's what it's all about.

Read on for more details on what we've been up to, to visit our featured 
farm, and to learn about our new features, partnership, members, and more.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 1) Some Thoughts on "Buying Local" and Sustainability
 2) New Feature:  Events Calendar
 3) New Partnership:  Certified Naturally Grown
 4) Rockin' Veggies:  Lollapalooza Farmers' Market
 5) Featured Product:  Strawberries!
 6) Featured Member:  Stone & Thistle Farm
 7) New Members


1) Some Thoughts on "Buy Local" and Sustainability
Why is "buy local" becoming big?  Personally, I think it's just an idea 
whose time has come and that boils down to two things:  *better food*,
and the true meaning of the words "sustainable agriculture".  

Some people say that the massive, for export, organic mega-farms popping up 
in China really are "sustainable".  Or that it is sustainable to fly fruit 
thousands of miles from organic farms in South America.  On the other hand, 
there are some small farms here in the USA that might not be organic but 
that use only minimal amounts of pesticides, treat their workers right, and 
sell most or all of their products to their local communities.  I'd argue 
that those are a lot more sustainable than many large scale agri-business 
oriented organic farms.  "Sustainable", really means that the environmental,
social and economic side effects of a particular practice are not bound 
to wreck the whole building down the line.
My personal take is that if people are somewhat aware of these issues and 
then make a point of buying local, then this alone pretty much guarantees 
that things will be done "right" and "sustainably".  This is because keeping 
things *local* and *small* prevents the nasty phenomenon of absentee owners 
and buyers who do not know or care about the social and environmental 
consequences of their investments and purchasing decisions.

But anyway...  The fact of the matter is that local tastes best.  Period.  
You can't compare a juicy, vine ripened heirloom tomato with the 
quasi-styrofoam that passes as a "tomato" in the typical supermarket.
Once you taste the difference, there's no going back.


Events Calendar
The two features most often requested during the past year have been
a job board and an events calendar.  I suspect that the job board is
mostly wanted by all those unemployed Silicon Valley engineers 
contemplating getting back to the land and trying their hand at farming.

The Events calendar, in the other hand, is often requested by LocalHarvest 
members offering interesting events to the public.  I frequently see 
information on some very cool workshops, festivals, courses, tours, etc. 
offered by our members. I've been thinking hard on the best way to promote 
these to the public, and this past week I finally dusted off my programmer 
hat, and put together a pretty cool Events Calendar that I'm sure you will 

Our new Events Calendar can be used to show all events in the nation for 
a particular day or month, or it can also be used to show all events 
within some distance of a particular Zip code.  In addition to this 
centralized calendar, each LocalHarvest listing now has a mini-calendar 
showing any and all events planned by that particular member.

Our Keep Me Posted feature (http://www.localharvest.org/keepmeposted.jsp)
has been updated to notify you of any coming events, so if you are 
registered with it and if we know of any events coming up in your area,  
you will now get information on these as part of your weekly email.

We only announced this feature to our members a couple of days ago, so 
our database is still a little sparse.  If you do know of any good 
events coming up that should be listed in our calendar, please do let 
me know.  


Certified Naturally Grown
With the signing into law of the National Organic Standards, we can say 
that "Organic" has definitively "grown up".  Some smaller farmers have 
chosen not to continue organic certification though, since they either 
want to avoid the paperwork and fees related to the USDA certification, 
believe that the new Organic rule dilutes the true meaning of "organic", 
or for other reasons.

A couple of new certifications have come out to fill this space. One of
them, Certified Naturally Grown, is growing quickly and being adopted by 
many farms across the USA.

The Certified Naturally Grown label is available to farms primarily
distributing locally or directly, through Farmer's Markets, Farm Stands,
Community Supported Agriculture projects, local restaurants, coops, small
grocery stores or through other sales channels such as the Internet. The
typical member is a family farm with acreage ranging from just a few 
acres to many hundreds.

While Certified Naturally Grown farmers are required to adhere to the same
strict Organic Agricultural Practices and materials list publicly available 
on the USDA National Organic Program website, as an independent program NOT 
accredited or in any way affiliated with the USDA National Organic Program, 
Certified Naturally Grown farmers are exempt from the fees and paperwork 
requirements associated with USDA Certified Organic. 

For a list of Certified Naturally Grown farms listed in LocalHarvest, 
follow this link:  (http://www.localharvest.org/search.jsp?mm=37)  For
more information on their program, visit their Web site at:

4) Lollapalooza Farmers' Market
This summer, working with Lollapalooza and with LocalHarvest member farms and 
farmers' markets across the nation, we'll be bringing fresh, local food to 
the rockin' masses.
Every Lollapalooza concert this summer will feature a Lollapalooza Farmers' 
Market, offering local, organic products to the hungry hordes of concertgoers.

In case you don't know, Lollapalooza is an all day music festival held every
summer across the nation.  This year's Lollapalooza will be held in 31 cities, 
and will feature up-and-coming bands as well as headliners like Jane's 
Addiction, Audioslave and Incubus.  Attendance at each show is expected to be 
between 15,000 and 30,000 patrons per day.

If you are a farmer and are interested in participating, visit this link for 
more information:  (http://www.localharvest.org/lollapalooza.jsp)

If you are just interested in going to one of the concerts, you can get more
info on their Web site at: (http://www.lollapalooza.com)

Spring is here, and with it... strawberry season!  Here in Santa Cruz spring 
hasn't quite kicked in with full force yet, so my garden's strawberries 
are taking a bit longer than expected to ripen (it doesn't help that I'm a 
block away from the frigid Northern Pacific)  But I'm not letting this get in 
the way between me and fresh strawberries; the local farmers' market has been 
offering some great, juicy ones from local farms.  

Strawberries might not be quite ready yet in your part of the country, but 
do keep your eyes open for them.  Ripe, local strawberries are soon to show 
up close to you.  And if you want the full experience, use our search engine 
to find a local strawberry u-pick farm and go pick'em yourself.

To learn more about strawberries, check out our new Strawberries page at:  

Stone & Thistle Farm

In the middle of the beautiful northern Catskill Mountains of upstate New 
York, Stone & Thistle Farm's meadow raised livestock and poultry are raised 
on pastures most of the year.  Only grass and sunshine. NO additives, hormones,
antibiotics or drugs are used to raise their naturally healthy, farm-fresh 
lamb, goat, pork, beef, chicken, turkey and eggs. 

Stone and Thistle Farm runs farm tours every Sunday at 1:00 p.m. from June 
to October. (see the calendar on their listing for more details)  Their
tours include tastings of meadow raised meats, eggs and milk.  Retail cuts 
of meats, eggs and goat milk products, local products and crafts are 
available for sale in the farm's store.

Since our last newsletter on March 1, Local Harvest has grown by 
253 new members,  all of them direct additions into the Web site from 
the Internet. 

We end our newsletter with a list of the names, member numbers, and 
locations of the latest additions to our Web site.(see below for all 
253 of them...)

We encourage you to visit their Local Harvest listings. To do so,
just enter their member number(the number on the first column)
into the "Name/Description/Product" field in the Local Harvest search 

Thank you for your continued support.


  --Guillermo Payet
    Local Harvest

5304 Honey Gardens Apiaries                        (Shelburne, Vermont)
5306 Gildameister Organic Garlic                   (Sharon Springs, New York)
5309 WPRE, LTD                                     (Cadott, Wisconsin)
5312 Cranberry Mall Farmers' Market                (Cranberry, Pennsylvania)
5313 Prospera Farm                                 (Berlin, Wisconsin)
5315 Pheasant Fields Farm                          (Silverdale, Washington)
5316 Haderlie Farms                                (Thayne, Wyoming)
5317 Purple Sage Sheep Ranch                       (Hartline, Washington)
5318 J. Mac Farms II                               (Gable, South Carolina)
5319 Prescott College CSA                          (Prescott, Arizona)
5320 Stone Ridge Orchard                           (Stone Ridge, New York)
5331 Earth Pledge                                  (New York, New York)
5332 Screech Owl Farm                              (Faber, Virginia)
5333 Nordic Hills Farm                             (Ontario, Wisconsin)
5335 Winlock Meadows Farm                          (Winlock, Washington)
5336 Long Trail Acres Farm                         (Antrim, New Hampshire)
5337 Future Neenah Inc.                            (Neenah, Wisconsin)
5338 Sand Hill Berries                             (Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania)
5339 The Meat Shop of Tacoma Inc.                  (Tacoma, Washington)
5340 Amaranth Produce                              (Portland, Oregon)
5341 Hartsdale Farmers Market                      (Hartsdale, New York)
5342 Pleasant Valley Farm                          (Tionesta, Pennsylvania)
5343 Perry-winkle Farm                             (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
5344 The Last Organic Outpost                      (Houston, Texas)
5345 UNEXPECTED FARM                               (Watkins Glen, New York)
5346 Holly Hill Farm                               (Cohasset, Massachusetts)
5348 Sunny Sky Farm                                (Amherst Junction, Wisconsin)
5350 Elizabeth Telling Farm                        (Barnesville, Ohio)
5351 Sunny Ridge Farm                              (Starks, Maine)
5352 Hoyland Farm                                  (Lawrence, Kansas)
5354 Good Groceries                                (Watkins Glen, New York)
5355 Perennial Pleasures Plant Pharm               (Warsaw, Virginia)
5356 King Louie's                                  (St. Louis, Missouri)
5357 Little Tree Farm                              (Oxford, North Carolina)
5358 Tionesta Farmers' Market                      (Tionesta, Pennsylvania)
5360 The Greater Belhaven Market                   (Jackson, Mississippi)
5363 Hood Orchards                                 (Paw Paw, Michigan)
5364 O-HI-O Honey, Wellhausen Apiaries             (Kirtland, Ohio)
5365 The Lord's Harvest                            (Ava, Missouri)
5366 Florida Mountain Farm                         (Florida, Massachusetts)
5367 1920 Organics                                 (Salem, Ohio)
5368 Salem Farmers' Market                         (Salem, Ohio)
5369 Miami Creek Farms                             (Ahwahanee, California)
5370 mcgovern communications                       (arlington, Massachusetts)
5371 Mysterious Horizons Farm                      (Las Cruces, New Mexico)
5372 Rivers' Critters Ranch                        (Hamburg, Minnesota)
5375 Salem Saturday Market                         (Salem, Oregon)
5376 SSM's Wednesday Farmers' Market               (Salem, Oregon)
5379 Singing Frogs Farm                            (Apex, North Carolina)
5380 Flower Patch Farm                             (Owego, New York)
5383 Wilmot Milling Co.                            (Pierceton, Indiana)
5384 Hammelmans Dried Floral LLC                   (Mt.Angel, Oregon)
5386 A Fresh Endeavor                              (Lexington, Massachusetts)
5387 J.L. Hawkins Family Farm                      (North Manchester, Indiana)
5388 Creative Concierge                            (Miami Beach, Florida)
5390 Shaggyhill Farm & Feed, LLC                   (Bethany, Connecticut)
5391 Rising High Natural Bread Co.                 (Columbia, South Carolina)
5392 The Flower Garden                             (Yakima, Washington)
5393 Winter Light Farm                             (Laneview, Virginia)
5394 Miss Effie's Country Flowers                  (Donahue, Iowa)
5395 Dallas Organic Food Coop                      (Dallas, Texas)
5396 BC Gardens                                    (Belgrade, Minnesota)
5398 TANSTAAFL Farmstead                           (Paw Paw, Michigan)
5399 Webster Ridge Locally Grown                   (Webster, New Hampshire)
5400 Hamakua Organics                              (Honokaa, Hawaii)
5401 Granata Farms                                 (Denver, Colorado)
5403 Cherry Grove Farm                             (Lawrenceville, New Jersey)
5405 MSU Student Organic Farm                      (E. Lansing, Michigan)
5406 Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative              (Applegate, Oregon)
5409 Forest Home and Garden                        (Forest Home, Alabama)
5411 Summer Jo's Farm, Garden, & Restaurant        (Grants Pass, Oregon)
5413 Deer Creek Orchards                           (Selma, Oregon)
5414 Summer Jo's Farm, Garden, and Restaurant      (Grants Pass, Oregon)
5415 Whistling Duck Farm                           (Trail, Oregon)
5416 Blue Rooster Farm                             (East Waterford, PA)
5418 Hickory Hut                                   (Langdon, North Dakota)
5419 Edgeley Meat Processing Plant                 (Edgeley, North Dakota)
5420 Wurst Shop                                    (Dickinson, North Dakota)
5421 Hettwer's Meat Locker                         (Munich, North Dakota)
5422 Hopequality Meats                             (Hope, North Dakota)
5423 Barton Meats                                  (Carrington, North Dakota)
5424 Wild Rose Grocery                             (Wildrose, North Dakota)
5425 Siouxland Buffalo                             (Grand Forks, North Dakota)
5426 Garrison Custom Meats                         (Garrison, North Dakota)
5427 Butcher Block                                 (Oakes, North Dakota)
5428 Ferry Creek Ranch                             (Livingston, Montana)
5429 The Supreme Cork                              (Portland, Oregon)
5430 ISU Student Organic Farm                      (Ames, Iowa)
5431 Fragrant Farms                                (New Harmony, Indiana)
5432 Saugerties Farmers Market                     (Saugerties, New York)
5433 Ishee Cattle                                  (Laurel, Mississippi)
5434 Triple S Farms                                (Stewardson, Illinois)
5435 Edens Harvest Farm                            (Blackstone, Illinois)
5436 New Leaf CSA                                  (Brattleboro, Vermont)
5437 Hair of the Ferret Gourmet Salsa              (Crown Point, Indiana)
5438 Maple K Farms                                 (Colfax, Washington)
5439 Thompson Farms                                (Star City, Indiana)
5440 Bellavita Farm & Fibers                       (Tidewater, Oregon)
5445 Food You Can Trust                            (Austin, Texas)
5447 Matt Family Orchard                           (Tomball, Texas)
5448 Ames Downtown Farmers' Market                 (Ames, Iowa)
5449 The Peerless Restaurant                       (Ashland, Oregon)
5450 A Yankee Farmer's Market                      (Warner, New Hampshire)
5452 Saint George Farm                             (Montville, Maine)
5453 Hunter's Buds & Spuds                         (Williamsport, Indiana)
5454 Angel Valley Organic Farm                     (Jonestown, Texas)
5455 Gentle Wind Farm, Inc.                        (Winthrop, Washington)
5456 Prairie Creek Growers                         (Nerstrand, Minnesota)
5457 Northwood Farm                                (Wonewoc, Wisconsin)
5458 Grand Central Bakery and Cafe                 (Seattle, Washington)
5459 WFU Kamp Kenwood                              (Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin)
5460 Provo's Old Town Farmers' Marker              (Provo, Utah)
5461 Wood Creek Herb Farm                          (Rome, New York)
5462 Benedictine Healing Products                  (Santa Cruz, California)
5466 Hudson Gardens                                (EL DORADO, Kansas)
5467 Moore Produce and More                        (Watseka, Illinois)
5468 Shepherd's Lamb                               (Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico)
5469 Farmers' Market at Seneca Center              (Morgantown, West Virginia)
5470 El Dorado Main Street Market                  (El Dorado, Kansas)
5472 Calhoun Field Lab Sustainable Farming Project (Clemson, South Carolina)
5473 Johnson's Natural Harvest                     (Mooreland, Indiana)
5476 Old South Pearl St. Farmer's Market           (Denver, Colorado)
5478 Botany's Desire by Indigenous Beauty          (philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
5479 Mr. Nipster Catnip                            (Victor, Iowa)
5481 Food Not Lawns - St. Cloud                    (St. Cloud, Minnesota)
5483 Cherry Creek Farm                             (Larkspur, Colorado)
5485 The Vincennes Farmers Market                  (Vincennes, Indiana)
5486 Demeter's Garden                              (Spring Mills, Pennsylvania)
5488 Fairfax Fresh                                 (Fairfax, California)
5489 Barber's Farm                                 (Middleburgh, New York)
5490 Cold Spring Farm                              (Lawyersville, New York)
5491 Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op                  (Everett, Washington)
5492 Antiquity Oaks                                (Cornell, Illinois)
5493 Thompson Ranch                                (Auburn, California)
5494 Two Guys Farm                                 (Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania)
5495 Ryder Farm Cottage Industries                 (Brewster, New York)
5496 Dana Farm                                     (Lumberton, Mississippi)
5497 green rabbit farm                             (Madison, New York)
5498 Sunny Hill Salad Gardens                      (Longmont, Colorado)
5499 Seven Springs Tree Farm                       (Orrtanna, Pennsylvania)
5500 Allandale Farm                                (Brookline, Massachusetts)
5501 Aunt Debbie's Gourmet Mushrooms               (Saugerties, New York)
5502 Shooting Star Farm                            (Mineral Point, Wisconsin)
5503 Brandywine Farm                               (Elkhorn, Wisconsin)
5504 Littlefield Farms                             (Rexburg, Idaho)
5505 Snyders Farm                                  (Saugerties, New York)
5506 Deer Run Farm                                 (Norton, Ohio)
5507 Fenton Family Farm                            (Fallbrook, California)
5508 Green Arrow Farms                             (Searsmont, Maine)
5509 Mr.  Bill's Farm                              (Falls, Pennsylvania)
5510 Fearrington Farmers" Market                   (Pittsboro, North Carolina)
5512 Heirloom Apples                               (Scotts Valley, California)
5513 Chefs Collaborative                           (Boston, Massachusetts)
5514 Mamushi Nature Farm                           (Franklin, Tennessee)
5515 Urban Oaks Organic Farm                       (New Britain, Connecticut)
5516 Windhaven Farm                                (Sauquoit, New York)
5517 Earthwalker Farm                              (Moriarty, New Mexico)
5518 Whispering Oak Farms                          (Black River Falls, WI)
5519 Folls Flower Farm                             (Auburn, New York)
5520 Broad Valley Orchard                          (Biglerville, Pennsylvania)
5521 Witenagemot Farm                              (Schaghticoke, New York)
5524 Windy Ridge Organic Farms                     (Hendersonville, NC)
5527 Pearl City Farmers Market                     (Muscatine, Iowa)
5528 Evolutionary Organics                         (New Paltz, New York)
5529 Seedtime and Harvest                          (Hull, Iowa)
5530 Thistle Hill Farm                             (Whiteford, Maryland)
5532 Insel Lyr Farm                                (Daggett, Michigan)
5534 Campo Lindo Farms                             (Lathrop, Missouri)
5536 Fulton County Farmer's Market                 (Rochester, Indiana)
5537 Tobin Farm                                    (Walla Walla, Washington)
5538 Appleton Farms CSA                            (Ipswich, Massachusetts)
5541 Greater Rochester Urban Bounty                (Rochester, New York)
5542 Morning Glory Farm                            (Monroe, North Carolina)
5543 Violet Hill Farm                              (Livingston Manor, New York)
5544 Riverfront Farmers' Market                    (Burlington, Iowa)
5545 Greenacres Farm                               (Cincinnati, Ohio)
5546 Valley View Farms, L.L.C.                     (Mineral Point, Wisconsin)
5547 Lion's Head Farm                              (E. Meredith, New York)
5548 Fishers Farmers' Market                       (Fishers, Indiana)
5549 Epler Farms Maple Products                    (New Albany, Pennsylvania)
5550 Glenside Farmers' Market                      (Glenside, Pennsylvania)
5551 Everyone's Harvest                            (Marina, California)
5552 Point Lookout Farms                           (Hendersonville, NC)
5554 Dancing Pines                                 (Efland, North Carolina)
5555 White Stone Farmstead                         (Leesburg, Virginia)
5558 UPPER VALLEY FOOD CO-OP                       (White River Jct, Vermont)
5560 Rising River Farm                             (rochester, Washington)
5561 Parker Farmers' Market                        (Bennett, Colorado)
5562 Boistfort Valley Farm                         (Curtis, Washington)
5563 Flying Pig Farm                               (Zebulon, North Carolina)
5566 Tenacity Farm                                 (Campbellsburg, Kentucky)
5567 Quail Cove Natural and Organic Foods          (Machipongo, Virginia)
5568 Kingstowne Farmers' Market                    (Alexandria, Virginia)
5569 14th Street Heights Community Market          (Washington, DC)
5570 Columbia Heights Community Marketplace        (Washington, DC)
5571 Springfield Farm                              (Sparks, Maryland)
5572 Seibel's Family Farm                          (Clinton, Pennsylvania)
5573 Golden Oaks Orchard                           (Tallahassee, Florida)
5575 Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op                 (Rapid City, South Dakota)
5576 Slow Food USA                                 (New York, New York)
5577 The Golden Earthworm Organic Farm             (Jamesport, New York)
5578 Big Dipper Bakery                             (Albany, New York)
5579 Certified Organic Incorporated                (Keosauqua, Iowa)
5580 Little Creek Farm                             (LaFarge, Wisconsin)
5581 Wintersong Farm                               (Coloma, Wisconsin)
5582 KD Piedmontese                                (Davenport, Washington)
5583 Verde Spring Farm, Inc.                       (Springfield, Nebraska)
5584 Smithfield Farm                               (Berryville, Virginia)
5586 Bomber Bee Honey                              (Bennett, Iowa)
5587 Wise Acre Farm                                (Arbuckle, California)
5588 Stone Ground Garden                           (Intervale, New Hampshire)
5590 Utopia Farms                                  (Devine, Texas)
5592 Little Beaver Kill Farm                       (Boiceville, New York)
5596 Dobson Produce                                (Decker, Indiana)
5598 Arlington Farmers' Market                     (Arlington, Virginia)
5599 Hillcrestfarm                                 (Advance, North Carolina)
5600 Susana's Organic's                            (Berea, Kentucky)
5601 Fair Grove Farmers' Market at the Mill        (Fair Grove, Missouri)
5602 Garden Works                                  (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
5603 Healing Hooves                                (Edwall, Washington)
5605 BAKA farm                                     (Campbell, Texas)
5606 Salamander Spring Farm                        (Berea, Kentucky)
5607 Rebel Ridge Family Farm                       (Richland Center, Wisconsin)
5609 Agora Farms Inc.                              (Washington, DC)
5611 Wild Fermentation                             (Liberty, Tennessee)
5613 Alexanders Preferred Pigs                     (Glenrock, Wyoming)
5614 Crabapple Farm                                (Chesterfield, Massachusetts)
5615 Mountain Top Inn                              (Chittenden, Vermont)
5616 Penn Cove Organics                            (Oak Harbor, Washington)
5620 Thistle Cove Farm                             (Tazewell, Virginia)
5621 Idle Thyme Farm                               (Carpenter, Wyoming)
5622 Monroe Organic Farms                          (Kersey, Colorado)
5623 Harder Springs Ranch                          (Kahlotus, Washington)
5625 Craig Farms                                   (Union City, Pennsylvania)
5626 Franzwa Farm                                  (Winona, Minnesota)
5629 Wind Sauna farms                              (Cheyenne, Wyoming)
5631 Grazey Acres                                  (Cory, Indiana)
5632 Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Ag.  (Millheim, Pennsylvania)
5634 Wild Blue Farm                                (Tomales, California)
5635 Clayton Farmer's Market                       (Clayton, Missouri)
5636 Cripplebush Creek Farms I                     (Sloansville, New York)
5637 Denali Farm                                   (Sharon Springs, New York)
5638 Three Sisters Farm                            (Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania)
5639 Millican Pecan Company                        (San Saba, Texas)
5640 Pine Point Pork Farm                          (Menomonie, Wisconsin)
5642 Uncle Al's Berry Farm                         (Columbia, Tennessee)
5643 Center for Sustainable Environments           (Flagstaff, Arizona)
5644 Katbambu                                      (Arivaca, Arizona)
5646 Walton Creek Farms                            (Deputy, Indiana)
5649 Middle Creek Blueberry Farm                   (Afton, Tennessee)
5650 Fertile Acres                                 (Langley, Washington)
5651 3 Sisters Cattle Co.                          (Oak Harbor, Washington)
5652 Lilydays Farm and Garden                      (Clinton, Washington)

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