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Oct 8, 2003

The LocalHarvest Stores Newsletter


Every few months, the LocalHarvest website and our new LocalHarvest 
Stores Newsletter will focus on a particular product from our member 
farms.  This time around, we've decided to tell you about our members' 
soaps, since they're proving to be a very popular item on our new 
online catalog.

Read more to find out about our members' handcrafted soaps, to read 
about Thyme for Ewe, our newsletter's featured soapmaker, and for an 
interview with soap expert Debbie Burns of Beulah Land Homestead, in 

October Featured Product:  
Handcrafted Soap

Soaps crafted by the LocalHarvest members are made with a variety of 
natural products from goat's milk, beeswax, herbs, flowers, egg yolks, 
and many other ingredients produced by their family farms.

Scents such as lavender, lemon tango, peppermint, chamomile-apple,
applemint, gingerbread, and lilac, as well as spices such as cloves,
are used to create many unique soaps available through the LocalHarvest
website.  Sensitive to fragrances?  Many unscented soaps are also 
available, as well as smooth and soothing complexion soaps, which 
incorporate the emollient properties of oatmeal.  Creamy and satisfying, 
a true handcrafted soap will gently cleanse the skin, leaving it silky 

"I just received the soaps I ordered, and they're just beautiful! The 
scents are wonderful, and I've never used anything as nice...  it 
smelled yummy in the shower, and left my skin as moisturized as if 
I'd just used lotion."
    -- Monica Willett, LocalHarvest & Beulah Land Homestead customer

LocalHarvest members offer over 80 unique soaps, lotions, and other
body-care products for sale on the LocalHarvest Stores.  Shop for 
yourself, or consider buying a few items as gifts this holiday season.  
You'll receive the highest quality product directly from the family 
farms that produce them.

Check out our members' soaps at: 


And to learn more about soaps, visit our Soap page at:


Featured Soapmaker:
Thyme For Ewe

Thyme For Ewe Farm is located in beautiful rural Washington County, 
Maine, where they sustainably raise vegetables and berries for their 
customers, as well as rare breeds of livestock.

Their handmade soaps are made in the kitchen of the farm house. 
Robin and Steve have been making handmade soap at Thyme For Ewe for 
nearly a decade.  They use herbs grown on the farm in addition to 
pure essential oils, a few fragrance oils, fruit, nut and vegetable 
oils. In addition to their four ounce bars they offer 3.5 pound 
soap logs. We're positive you'll be pleased with their soaps.

Soapmaker Interview:
Beulah Land's Debbie Burns tells us about her soaps

More than 150 LocalHarvest members offer their farm-made soaps directly
to the public via their local farmers' markets or through the 
LocalHarvest Stores.  One such farm is Beulah Land Homestead in Texas. 
Debbie Burns tells her story of researching and selling homemade soap: