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Nov 3, 2003

The LocalHarvest Stores Newsletter


November is here, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  We are 
lucky to have so many foods worthy of giving thanks for, many of them 
grown so close to us.  This year, let's abandon flavorless factory-
farmed turkey and canned cranberry jelly, and go for the *real thing*,
which you can find through the LocalHarvest search engine.

LocalHarvest.org is the most comprehensive resource of organic, local 
foods available.  Use it to discover and support your community's family 
farmers this harvest and holiday season.

November Featured Products:  Turkey and Cranberries
Organic and Free Range Turkey

LocalHarvest lists hundreds of family farms growing turkeys across
the nation.  Use our search engine to find a locally grown, organic 
turkey close to you for this thanksgiving dinner.  If we do not list 
turkeys in your area, just remember that you can always order one 
online from our store:  

Organic Cranberries

Try cranberry sauce made with fresh cranberries for an experience that
will knock your socks off this thanksgiving dinner.  Nothing less will 
give the proper honors to that gorgeous organic bird that will hopefully
be gracing your table.  (See below for a great cranberry sauce recipe)

A few lucky people in the northeast and a couple of other places in
the country can find locally grown, fresh cranberries.  Our search 
engine lists plenty of cranberry growers in those areas. For the rest 
of us, we can always buy fresh organic cranberries via mail order from 
the LocalHarvest Stores.  You can find them here:

Thanksgiving Cooking Ideas
Nearly every family in the United States has some Thanksgiving tradition.
This year, however, we challenge you to try something new.  How about 
using time-honored ingredients like turkey, cranberry, or pumpkin in a 
different way?   Maybe try a south-of-the-border theme with turkey almond 
mole, cranberry margaritas, and Mexican pumpkin soup?  If that sounds a 
bit too extreme, how about adding a few subtle "enhancements" like a fresh 
cranberry-orange glaze for your turkey, or a medley of unusual roasted 
root vegetables at their peak of the season?

Regardless of the menu you select, using local ingredients can make your
taste buds scream with delight, crying out "thank you, oh thank you."  Your
normally boisterous dinner table may fall silent, except for the occasional
"mmmm, this is soooo good" as your family savors every bite.

Buy Online! You can also purchase many ingredients online by shopping at the
LocalHarvest Stores.  Fill your shopping basket with items from multiple
farms with only one credit card transaction.  Each farmer will receive their
portion of the order and ship their products directly to you.


Traditional Cranberry Sauce
 ** Courtesy of Cranberry Hill Organic Farm

  1. Rinse fresh berries and remove stems.
  2. Place in a saucepan:
      2 cups of cranberries (1/2 lb.)
      1/2 cup of sugar or 1/3 cup honey
      2/3 cup of water or orange juice
  3. Bring to a boil on high heat, boil until all berries pop open (add
     cinnamon, cloves or ginger, and more sweetener to taste)
  4. Pour into a serving bowl and cool to set.

Turkey Farmer Interview:
Mike Hansen tells us about his turkeys

I was asked by the folks at LocalHarvest.org to give a farmer's perspective
on free-range organic turkey and what you, the customer, may expect when
comparing these birds to store bought "mega-market" turkey.  Well, from my  
side of the fence, this is a complex answer.  Yes, you can expect that these
turkeys will be different from mass-produced birds.  They will most likely 
have firmer meat, less fat on the body, and the dark meat will be edible by
people who would usually only eat the white meat.  As for flavor, our 
regular customers keep coming back for more, but you'll have to try decide 
for yourself.

But the main difference you will experience when purchasing a free-range
organic turkey is in your soul, not your stomach.  When you commit to buying
small-farm organic products, you are supporting a farm that believes the
animals welfare comes first, and that organic production is not a marketing
gimmick, but a sustainable way of farming that protects the natural
resources that support and nurture our way of life.  Our family have been
farming organically since 1991 and we are proud of the business that we have
built over the past 12 years.  We are still a small farm by today's
standards, but we are strongly committed to organic agriculture and believe
that as more people experience the difference (both in their stomach and in
their soul) of organically produced food, we will continue to grow in our
farming efforts.  God bless.

Mike Hansen

From the LocalHarvest Family to yours, we wish you this year a very happy