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Newsletter > Jul 25, 2002

Jul 25, 2002

LocalHarvest Newsletter #4 -- July 25, 2002

Dear LocalHarvest Member,

Welcome to our fourth newsletter!

It has been a while since our last newsletter, but we have been far from
idle.  We've been busy improving our Web site, forging new partnerships 
with sustainable agriculture groups, and brainstorming new networks to 
promote your businesses.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 1) What is LocalHarvest? (a refresher)
 2) Cannot Access Your listing?
 3) New Features
 3) New Partnerships


Attention newcomers, check the newsletter archives to catch up with our
previous newsletters. Sign in at localharvest.org/members.jsp and go to
the 'newsletters' link in the "View" section.

LocalHarvest allows consumers from all over the country to search for
local farmers' markets, community supported agriculture farms, U-pick
farms, farm stands, restaurants, and food coops.  LocalHarvest's map-based
search engine allows your future customers to view an extensive listing
for each business that matches their search criteria.  Unlike other Web
sites listing farms and farmers' market information, LocalHarvest allows
you to maintain your own profile, including uploading a photo of your 
market, writing a detailed description of it, listing your products, 
and much more. It is like putting a brochure about your farm/market
on-line, a brochure that we work on promoting to consumers looking for
sources of local food (more and more every day).  And the best part is
that we offer this service to you for free.

If you are receiving this newsletter, it is because your business (Farm, 
Farmers' Market, Restaurant, or Food Coop) has a listing in LocalHarvest.
You might have created your listing, or you may have been listed via one
of our partner organizations, or by us when we first seeded the Web site
with public domain data, back in 1999.  In any case, if you want to modify
your LocalHarvest listing, but have lost your password, you can recover
it here:  


If for whatever reason, the above does not work, (which could happen if
you never activated your "seed" account and do not have a login account
with us), please email us at webmaster@localharvest.org, and we will
create a new login account for you and link it to your listing.

Since our last newsletter, we have been busy making many improvements to
the Web site "under the hood". This improvements make the site more 
reliable, able to withstand heavier traffic, and form the basis for new 
features that we will be adding during the next few months. These coming 
features include improved maps and business-to-business services.  We
have also been busy adding some new features to the Web site.  Here are 
some of them:

New Membership types
LocalHarvest can now list both restaurants and food coops that either cook
with or sell local produce.  We have just begun our process of developing
these new networks, and we are actively working to spread the word to get
these businesses on the site.  If you sell directly to restaurants and/or
food coops, and you think that your clients would be good candidates to be
listed on this site, please let them know about LocalHarvest. With your 
help we can continue building LocalHarvest into the best directory for 
finding all kinds of local sources of sustainably grown foods.

We just added newsletter functionality to allow visitors to the site to
register their email addresses.  This will allow us to send weekly emails
to all registered subscribers listing all new members, all recently 
updated member profiles, and any new products added to our products list.

Books Section
We recently added a Books page listing books we recommend on the subjects
of local economies, small farms, and locally grown food.  Check it out
at: http://www.localharvest.org/books.jsp.  If you have any suggestions to
add in there, please do email us with them!

New Products
Since our last Newsletter, we have added the following products (all
suggested by our members) into our database:

 -wheat grass
 -mustard greens
 -dry beans
 -llama wool
 -edible flowers

If you produce any of these and would like to update your profile with this
information, just login to your account and go to the "Products" Page.
(This page is only accessible for "Farms", and not for "Farmer's Markets",
"Restaurants" or "Food Coops").  If you have any products not listed in
our database that you would like to tell the world about, just email us and
we'll add them into the database if they seem reasonable.

In the last year, we have kept working closely with Community Alliance with
Family Farmers (CAFF) (http://www.caff.org), and have developed a couple
new partnerships that we would like to tell you about.

FoodRoutes Network
The FoodRotes Network is a non-profit group dedicated to raising awareness
of the issues around sustainable farming and local food systems.  Ocean 
Group, the company behind LocalHarvest, was recently hired by The 
FoodRoutes Network to build their new Web site. Part of this Web site is 
a rebranded version of LocalHarvest (http://www.foodroutes.org/localfood/).  
FoodRoutes.org is a great source for all kinds of information on sustainable 
farming, and will soon start a nationwide campaign to promote their Web 
site to the public.  Lots of visitors to the FoodRoutes.org Web site will 
soon mean lots of more people visiting your LocalHarvest listing, and 
hopefully buying your products.

Wisconsin Foodshed Research Project
In partnership with The FoodRoutes Network, we recently created a Southern
Wisconsin version of LocalHarvest, which is now in use as the online 
version of the Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas, compiled and published by CIAS 
(http://www.wisc.edfu/cias) and its partnering organizations. If you have 
a LocalHarvest listing and are associated with CIAS, your listing will 
show in this Web site.  You will notice the much-improved county-level map 
that we use on this site.  We intend to add this level of detail to our 
countrywide map in the main LocalHarvest.org Web site.

We are constantly working to develop new partnerships with organizations 
that support local food economies.  If you know of an organization that 
would benefit from partnering with us, please let us know.

We are working hard to make the LocalHarvest site beautiful and easy to 
use.  LocalHarvest is still a work in progress though, and we welcome 
your suggestions about new features that you would like to see, leads 
about organizations that might be interested in partnering with us, and 
donations to help us keep improving the Web site.

You can also be of great help to us by spreading the word to other farmers
and market managers you know, as well as to restaurants and/or food coops 
to whom you sell produce to.

Thank you for your continued support.


  --Guillermo Payet
    Executive Director

If you would like to be removed from the LocalHarvest mailing list, just 
send a blank email to: localharvest-unsubscribe@lists.localharvest.org