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Newsletter > Sep 12, 2002

Sep 12, 2002

LocalHarvest Newsletter -- September 12, 2002

Dear LocalHarvest Member,

Hello, and welcome to our newsletter.  Each issue of our newsletter 
highlights our new partnerships, recent members, and other developments 
here at LocalHarvest.

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 1) Restaurants Update
 1) Could *you* use a mini-LocalHarvest?
 2) New Partnerships
 3) Featured Member
 4) New Members



As mentioned in our August Newsletter, we are currently undertaking 
the ambitious project of expanding our directory to include all of the 
restaurants in the USA that feature local and sustainably grown food.  
Since we added this feature to our Web site about a month ago, 36 
restaurants have been added to our database.  This is a good beginning, 
but we are very aware that we have a long way to go.

If you are a farmer and you sell your produce to locally-owned 
restaurants, or if you know of a restaurant that should be on our 
network, please let them know about our free service.  By promoting 
restaurants that sell local produce we help family farms develop 
stronger local food markets.  This is a good thing for everyone involved.

1) REBRANDING: Could *you* use a mini-LocalHarvest? 

LocalHarvest supports itself by providing Information Technology services 
to the Sustainable Agriculture, Buy Local, and Environmental Communities. 

If you are a Sustainable Ag group and would like to have a custom search 
engine, a map, or a directory based on the LocalHarvest engine, talk to 
us. We can create a map-enabled search engine for your Web site that 
shows only your members and/or geographical area, or we can do even 
stranger things, like building an interactivea map of all okra growers 
within ten miles of any city in the USA with more than 5000 inhabitants. 
(If for whatever bizarre reason that is what you need).  We can customize 
and "rebrand" pieces of our technology, and seamlessly add them into your 
Web site. See our "Services" page for some examples: 

If you are interested and would like to explore the possibilities, please 
email Guillermo Payet at gpayet@localharvest.org


EnviroLink is a grassroots online community that unites hundreds of 
organizations and volunteers around the world with millions of people 
in more than 150 countries. EnviroLink is dedicated to providing 
comprehensive, up-to-date environmental information and news.

In partnership with EnviroLink, LocalHarvest recently developed the 
EnviroLink US Atlas; an interactive map of all of the US-based 
resources in the EnviroLink database.  Do you want to volunteer 
your time to a local environmental or social activism group?  With 
the EnviroLink Atlas you can now search for groups close to you 
that are working on the issues that you care about.


Dogwood Spring Farm - Burkesville, KY

Dogwood Spring is a small family farm in rural Kentucky that focuses 
on biodynamic agriculture. Christy, Chris, and their two daughters 
Kaysha, 10, and Gabe, 8 keep very busy filling CSA baskets, and doing 
the daily farm chores like milking the cow and feeding the chickens. 

Dogwood Spring has been operating a CSA since 1999, and this year is
offering 25 shares.  Their CSA season runs from May to September.

In addition to growing vegetables for the CSA, the farm is also a center 
for outreach work and classes relating to organic and biodynamic food, 
farming and gardening.  

For more information on Rudolph Steiner's biodynamic methods, we 
recommend that you visit the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening 
Association's Web site:  (http://www.biodynamics.com)


Since our last Newsletter, on August 16, LocalHarvest has grown by 146
new members.  80 of these are Farmers' Markets that we've added directly
into the site.  The remaining 66 members are direct additions into the 
directory via the Web site:

 4499 | Kokua Market Natural Foods Cooperative
 4500 | Flying J Farm          
 4502 | Port Washington Farmers' Market 
 4503 | Trail's End Farm            
 4513 | East Cliff/Live Oak Farmers Market 
 4532 | Herban Kitchen      
 4533 | Nora's               
 4534 | Real Food Daily       
 4535 | Gabriella's Cafe       
 4536 | Oswald's                
 4537 | Ananda Marga Lake Hughes Peach Farm 
 4538 | Creswick Farms  
 4541 | Singh Farms       
 4544 | Zuni Cafe          
 4546 | Stars Bar and Dining
 4547 | The Slanted Door   
 4548 | Juicey Lucy's       
 4549 | Jardiniere           
 4550 | A-Rocky Road          
 4551 | Bistro Don Giovanni    
 4552 | Brix Restaurant         
 4553 | Cafe Beaujolais          
 4554 | Cafe La Haye              
 4555 | Edge of the Earth          
 4556 | Lu's Kitchen                
 4557 | Lucy's Cafe                  
 4561 | The PowerHouse Brewing Company
 4562 | Mixx Restaurant  
 4563 | Pangaea Cafe      
 4564 | Purple Thistle     
 4565 | The Ravens (at Stanford Inn by the Sea) 
 4566 | Deertracks Blackberry Farm
 4568 | La Bruschetta         
 4592 | Blue Sun Cafe          
 4632 | Felton Farmers Market   
 4634 | Marin Sun Farms          
 4637 | Blue Mountain Cafe     
 4639 | LeGates Farm Market     
 4640 | Charley's Farm           
 4642 | La Jolla Elem. Schools Certified Farmers' Market
 4644 | The People's Grocery          
 4645 | Valley View Blueberries, Inc.  
 4646 | WoodPrairie Farm                
 4647 | Five Points Community Farm Market
 4648 | Strawbale Pantry 
 4649 | Angelica's Garden 
 4650 | Badger Ridge Garden
 4651 | BC Gardens      
 4652 | Big Woods Farm   
 4654 | Hickoryworks      
 4655 | Wild Iris Organics 
 4656 | Oregon Trail Farm
 4657 | Williamsburg Farmers' Market
 4658 | The Bedford Farmers' Market, Inc.

We encourage you to visit their LocalHarvest listings. To do so,
just enter their member number (the number on the first column above) 
into the "Name/Description" field in the LocalHarvest search form.

Thank you for your continued support.


  --Guillermo Payet
    Executive Director

Supporting LocalHarvest
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to be an arduous job.  We are committed to offering free membership to
all of our members, while keeping the Web site free of advertising and 
without any hidden agendas.  We are proud of what we've accomplished on 
a shoestring budget over the past three years, but we could certianly use 
your help on moving forward.  If you would like to contribute financially 
to LocalHarvest, we would be very happy to receive your donation.  Please 
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