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Oct 1, 2002

LocalHarvest Newsletter -- October 1, 2002

Hello, and welcome to our newsletter!  It's been an exciting few 
weeks since the last time I wrote to you here.  Our Web traffic has 
been booming, We've made some major upgrades to the site's software, 
and we're working on a couple of very promising new partnerships that 
we will be announcing in our next newsletter.  Read on to learn more 
details on what's we've been up to, to visit our featured farm, and 
to learn about our new members...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 1) Growing and Growing
 2) Pumpkin Extravaganza
 3) Featured Member
 4) New Members


Traffic to our Web site has been growing wildly during the last few
months.  We are now getting an average of 1500 visits per day, which
translates to about 10,000 daily page views.  Our traffic almost doubled
from July to August, and then almost doubled again from August to
September.  This is very exciting, since the more traffic we get, the
more business we generate for our members, the more members we attract,
and the more comprehensive an information resource we become, which 
brings even more traffic, closing the loop.  We've been busy adding 
new features and improving old ones, while keeping the ship in top shape 
and very able to withstand even much higher traffic.  Our quick growth 
is very good news for America's family farms and related small 
businesses.  Many of them are struggling in these times and can 
certainly use all the business that we can generate for them!

We recently released a new version of our search engine, which is not
only much faster, but more user friendly and intuitive as well.  We're
sure that you will like it!  Just give it a try and let us know if
you would like to suggest any changes or new features to either our
search engine, or to the rest of our Web site.

One of the reasons for our newly increased traffic is the recent release
of our "Pumpkin Patches" page. (http://www.localharvest.org/pumpkins.jsp)
This page has been attracting hundreds of visitors daily into the
LocalHarvest Web site since it went live just a few days ago.  We
feature in it a custom search form that returns all pumpkin growers in
your area.  We only list 340 pumpkin growers now, which we know is just
a small subset of the real number.  If you are a farmer and have a pumpkin
patch open to the public for the Halloween season, or if you just grown 
pumpkins and want to advertise it in our Web site, make sure to update
your LocalHarvest listing to reflect this!  Hundreds of people are 
searching for *your business* on LocalHarvest every day, make sure they
do find you!!  If you know of a pumpkin patch that should be on our 
search engine, please tell them about us so that they can create a 
listing with us.

Blue Bird Acre CSA Farm

Bethany Pepper, our featured farmer, writes:

Blue Bird Acre Farm is a community supported agriculture,(CSA) farm
in Mississippi providing fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers to
shareholders year round.

Only organic practices are used on this sustainable agriculture farm.
My daughter works and plays right along side of me so I want the
healthiest environment possible for her!

Mississippi's mild climate and long hot summer allows for a huge
selection of fruits and vegetables from around the world. Crisp
Korean melons, Luffa sponges, Crowder Peas, & Kiwano/horned melons,
are a few of the specialty crops I grow.

No genetically modified seed is used and I use a high percentage
of American & European heirloom seeds. You know the 'old timey' kinds
of veggies that were grown for -FLAVOR- not '-shipping qualities-'!

Bethany Pepper

Since our last Newsletter, on September 11, LocalHarvest has grown by 29
new members, all of them direct additions into the Web site via the
Internet.  Here are their names and member numbers:

 4661 | St. Martinville Creole Farmers Market
 4662 | The Garlic Patch
 4664 | Shillington Farmers Market
 4668 | Watauga County Farmers' Market
 4670 | Harrison's Chef Prepared Foods
 4671 | Pelletier's Sugar Farm
 4672 | Lee Farmer's Market
 4673 | Spirit GardensCSA
 4674 | Rancho Gordo
 4675 | Angelica's
 4676 | Ironwood Farm Organic Produce
 4678 | MaryJanesFarm
 4680 | Craigie Street Bistrot
 4681 | Harper Valley Farms
 4682 | College Park Grower's Market
 4684 | Tortilla Flats
 4685 | Purchase College Food Co-op
 4686 | Free Earth Farm
 4687 | Warrup's Farm
 4690 | Dusty's Nursery & Company
 4691 | Alderspring Ranch
 4692 | Brenda's Organics
 4693 | Pleasant View Farm
 4694 | Rumbleway Farm
 4695 | Cloudland Farm
 4696 | Orlando Organics
 4697 | Northfield Farmers' Market
 4699 | Year Round Bounty of Schoharie County
 4700 | Olmo Apiaries

We encourage you to visit their LocalHarvest listings. To do so,
just enter their member number (the number on the first column above)
into the "Name/Description" field in the LocalHarvest search form.

Thank you for your continued support.


  --Guillermo Payet
    Executive Director

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