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Oct 22, 2002

LocalHarvest Newsletter -- October 22, 2002

Hello, and welcome to our newsletter! 

It's hard to believe that it's already been three weeks since our 
last one.  Time does fly when you're busy. :-)  It has been a 
particularly full and exciting three weeks, I have to say.  Not only
for us, but for the entire "buy local" and organic food movements 
as well.  The momentum behind the current interest for buying local 
and organic food keeps growing, and our traffic keeps expanding 
with it, creating new opportunities and challenges that promise to 
keep us just as busy in the future as we have been in the last few 

We've been working on forging new partnerships and on adding features 
to help people find the local food that they are searching for.  It's 
exciting to see our hard work bloom into such a vibrant network of 
small producers and buyers, and very satisfying to see LocalHarvest
grow into such a useful and widely used resource.

But getting back to business....

Read on to learn more details on what we've been up to, to visit our 
featured farm, and to learn about our new partnership and members.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 1) New Features
 2) Seasonal Specials
 3) New Partnership: Chefs Collaborative
 4) Featured Member
 5) New Members


Keep Me Posted

If you would like more information about local food in your area, you 
can now leave us your email address and zip code and we will send you 
sporadic updates on what's going on close to you.

The "keep me posted" feature allows us to keep you informed about stuff 
close to you without spamming others who might not be interested in 
knowing about a weekend special on u-pick ollalieberries 2000 miles 

Whenever you look at a LocalHarvest listing or do a search by Zip code
in our search engine you will now see a "Keep Me Posted" button.  
By following this link you can create a "location profile", where 
you can tell us which area(s) of the country you want to stay
informed about.

Once we have your zip codes of interest we will send you a weekly 
email (if there is anything new in your area) informing you of new 
LocalHarvest members, events at your local family farms, updated 
LocalHarvest listings, seasonal pickings, new farmers markets, and 
other local-food related events.

We expect this feature to become a useful channel for family farms,
farmers' markets, and other community-oriented food businesses to 
communicate with their local customers.  Give it a test drive!

Our October "pumpkins special" has been a great success.  We now list 
354 pumpkin patches and pumpkin growers around the nation, our pumpkins 
page has been getting more than 500 visitors per day,  and traffic to
it continues to grow.  If you haven't seen it yet, check it out at: 

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we are already starting to 
see a lot of visitors to LocalHarvest looking for free range and/or
organic turkeys.  Most of our members' turkeys have already been reserved,
but there are still thousands of birds out there waiting to be invited 
to your Thanksgiving dinner. (little do they know)  In anticipation of 
the coming deluge of turkey seekers, our November special will be 
nothing other than turkeys!  

If you are a turkey grower and you do not mention it in your LocalHarvest 
listing, hurry up and update it!  We don't want you to miss out on our 
expected November turkey rush.

By the way, do a search for "Organic Turkeys" on Google, and you'll see 
that we are number one on the search results.   Not bad!

The Chefs Collaborative

The Chefs Collaborative is a national network of more than 1,000 members 
of the food community who promote sustainable cuisine by celebrating the 
joys of local, seasonal, and artisanal cooking.  Membership is open to 
anyone interested in the interconnectedness of the environment and food 

Founded in 1993, the Collaborative is the only culinary organization that
provides its members with the tools for running economically healthy,
sustainable food service businesses and making environmentally sound
purchasing decisions.   By educating and inspiring chefs and consumers, 
the Chefs Collaborative seeks to encourage sustainable practices and 
improve the quality and taste of the food we eat.

We recently partnered with the Collaborative and now list all of their
restaurant members in LocalHarvest.  To find a member of the Collaborative
close to you, just follow this link:


Skate Creek Farm

Skate Creek raises grass-fed meats using organic methods. Their animals 
are raised naturally and given individual care. The farm is managed to 
promote a healthy ecosystem in the rolling hills of Delaware County -
perfectly suited to lush pasture & meadowland for animals to graze. 
Skate Creek Farm offers free-range eggs, pastured veal, turkey, and 

You can buy their products at their farm stand on Hwy 12, or at the
local farmers' market.

Since our last Newsletter, on October 1, LocalHarvest has grown by 
138 new members,  35 of them are direct additions into the Web site 
from the Internet, and the remaining 103 are listings created through 
our partnership with the Chefs Collaborative.  You can find all 
members of The Collaborative listed in LocalHarvest at:

Here is a list of the the names and member numbers of the latest 
direct additions to our Web site:

 4701 | Downtown Lima's Farmers' Market   (Lima, Ohio)
 4703 | Flagstaff Community Supported Agriculture Project (Flagstaff, AZ)
 4704 | Harmony Acres Farm                (Bainbridge Island, Washington)
 4705 | Webster Ridge Farm                (Webster, New Hampshire)
 4706 | Garland Farm                      (Nottingham, New Hampshire)
 4709 | East River Organic CSA            (Snover, Michigan)
 4710 | Wildwood Farm                     (Weare, New Hampshire)
 4711 | Modesto Certified Farmers Market  (Modesto, California)
 4714 | La Finca de Nuestras Madres       (Corrales, New Mexico)
 4716 | rocky road farms                  (Weed, California)
 4719 | Valleyfarmers                     (Stamfordville, New York)
 4720 | 'R' Family Farm                   (Knoxville, Maryland)
 4722 | Gregs U-Pick Farm                 (Clarence Center, New York)
 4724 | The Farmer and the Cook           (Ojai, California)
 4728 | Oak Ridge Vineyard                (Muscoda, Wisconsin)
 4730 | Roanoke Natural Foods             (Roanoke, Virginia)
 4732 | Vermont Everlastings              (Thetford Ctr, Vermont)
 4733 | Kai Ranch/ Kai Mohair             (Lexington, Texas)
 4736 | Riverbar Farm                     (Fortuna, California)
 4737 | Hare Today-Gone Tomorrow          (Springboro, Pennsylvania)
 4739 | ABC ORGANICS                      (Camarillo, California)
 4740 | Growing Power                     (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
 4743 | Baker Farms                       (Custer, Michigan)
 4744 | Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, LLC       (Nevadai, Missouri)
 4746 | Great Bay Food Coop               (Durham, New Hampshire)
 4747 | Terry's Berries                   (Tacoma, Washington)
 4750 | Cow Track Ranch                   (Nicasio, California)
 4751 | Dade City Woman's Club Farmer's Market    (Dade City, Florida)
 4752 | Napa Free-Range Beef              (St. Helena, California
 4754 | Bull Run Mountain Vegetable Farm  (The Plains, Virginia
 4755 | The Farmers Diner                 (Barre, Vermont)
 4757 | Skagit Valley Farmers Market      (Mount Vernon, Washington)
 4759 | Earthcraft Farm/ECO               (Bringhurst, Indiana)
 4871 | C & J Wikoff Farms                (Manalapan, New Jersey) 
 4872 | English Farm                      (Liberty Corner, New Jersey) 

We encourage you to visit their LocalHarvest listings. To do so,
just enter their member number (the number on the first column above)
into the "Name/Description" field in the LocalHarvest search form.

Thank you for your continued support.


  --Guillermo Payet
    Executive Director

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