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Newsletter > Dec 22, 2002

Dec 22, 2002

Local Harvest Newsletter -- December 22, 2002

Hello, and welcome to our newsletter! 

Happy Holidays everyone!  and a great new year!  which hopefully will
be better than 2002, which has been pretty sucky all around. (At 
least here in the Silicon Valley)   2003 seems to be starting on
the wrong foot, with the possibility of war, terrorism, and all.
But in any case...  lets hope for peace, and lets keep appreciating 
the many blessings that we do have, and continue working to preserve 
all the good stuff, starting with our nation's wonderful family farms.

I'm attaching a little Christmas card from me and my buddies Doobie 
and Boris.  :-)

But back to business...

Read on to learn more details on what we've been up to, to visit our 
featured farm, and to learn about our new partnership and members.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 1) New Feature: Advanced Searches
 2) Featured Product: Pastured Eggs
 3) New Partnership:  Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture 
 4) Featured Member
 5) Good bye to a Great Woman
 6) New Members


Advanced Searches
Every once in a while we get funky search requests like, for example, 
"can you tell me all the farmers markets in DC that offer apples but 
not oranges?" (there's one), or "is there any farm in the nation 
offering dried nectarines and also dried peaches?" (there are four)  
Well, we recently added some extra "smarts" to our search engine that 
allow you to construct complicated "queries" like these.

I do have to admit that this feature will probably be attractive mostly
to the more "technically inclined".  But if you do belong to this group,
and would like to experiment a bit with our search engine, just visit 
the "Advanced Search" section on our "How to Search" page for 
instructions:  (http://www.localharvest.org/howtosearch.jsp)

Pastured Eggs
February, and with it, Valentines day, are just around the corner. For
a lot of people that means "time to buy flowers"!.  I was tempted to 
make flowers our January special for this reason,  but since flowers 
are not particularly in season in the middle of winter in most of the 
country, I decided not to make them our Featured Product this month. 

But then how about this...  instead of, or in addition to, flowers, you
can make your sweetie on the morning of Feb 14 a nice scramble, or an 
omelet, or some Eggs Benedict made with yummy pastured eggs from your 
local farm.  The difference between pastured eggs and the factory farmed
kind is just amazing.  Go and try them!  Highly recommended!

If your farm or farmers' market offers eggs, pastured or otherwise, make 
sure you say so on your listing!  You don't want to miss out on those
love-struck hordes searching for the best ingredients for that perfect 
breakfast for their sweeties.

And if you feel so inclined, you might want to check out our fresh 
flowers page anyway:  (http://www.localharvest.org/organicflowers.jsp)

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)

PASA is a nonprofit organization working to improve the economic and social 
prosperity of Pennsylvania food and agriculture. They work with the farmers 
growing food, the consumers that eat the food, and with those concerned 
with the ecological well-being of our environment and natural resources. 

PASA creates networks and markets to strengthen the ties between concerned 
consumers and family farmers, and is building statewide channels that link 
farmers with farmers, farmers with consumers, and consumers with markets.

We recently partnered with PASA and are now in the process of inviting their
members to join Local Harvest.  To see a list of all PASA members who are
also listed in Local Harvest, (just a few at this point, but soon to be 
plenty) just follow this link:


Fertile Crescent Farm

Fertile Crescent Farm is a small family farm organically growing 
perennials and cut flowers on two acres in Northern Vermont. 

Their markets begin in May with strong field grown perennial plants 
dug from their fields.  As planting winds down, their cut flowers begin 
producing, and they harvest and arrange flower bouquets from their mix 
of over 100 unusual, cottage garden flowers, which they offer for 
sale through their farm stand and through their local farmers' markets, 

Fertile Crescent Farm offers dried flowers in the fall, and from 
Thanksgiving to Christmas, sells Christmas wreaths, made of mixed 
Vermont greens and decorated with dried flowers and berries. 

If you happen to be in Vermont, don't miss visiting them on Route 16
or at the Hardwick, Waitsfield, or Somerville farmers' markets!

Ellen Straus (February 21, 1927 - November 30, 2002)

Ellen Straus, a pioneer of organic farming, is no longer with us.
Few have done more to preserve the land and culture of western Marin 
County (San Francisco Bay Area), where she settled to start a family 
in 1950. She will be particularly remembered by fellow farmers and 
environmentalists as a determined optimist who brought the opposing 
parties together to protect and revitalize the region's agricultural 

Her son Michael has put together a list of links celebrating the
good works that Ellen left behind for all of us. I invite you to
read more about her here: (http://www.beyondorganic.com/index3.html) 

Since our last Newsletter, on October 24, Local Harvest has grown by 
126 new members,  all of them direct additions into the Web site 
from the Internet.

We end our newsletter with a list of the names, member numbers, and 
locations of the latest additions to our Web site. (all 126 of them)
See below...

We encourage you to visit their Local Harvest listings. To do so,
just enter their member number (the number on the first column above)
into the "Name/Description" field in the Local Harvest search form.

Thank you for your continued support.


  --Guillermo Payet
    Executive Director

 4874  North River Produce, Ltd.               (Cresco, Iowa)
 4875  Queen Bee Flowers                       (Portland, Oregon)
 4876  Viewmere Farm                           (Schaghticoke, New York)
 4877  New England Livestock Alliance          (Hardwick, Massachusetts)
 4878  White Farms Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch (Decatur, Alabama)
 4879  Johann Farms                            (Post Falls, Idaho)
 4880  Walters' Pumpkin Patch                  (Burns, Kansas)
 4881  Sutherland Farms                        (Aztec, New Mexico)
 4883  J&M Meats                               (coopersvile, Michigan)
 4884  Lawson Farm                             (Gause, Texas)
 4885  Stone & Thistle Farm                    (East Meredith, New York)
 4887  Red Pond Farm                           (Agra, Oklahoma)
 4888  Full Belly Farm                         (Old Chatham, New York)
 4889  Sharon Siefert, Esq., Silver & Freedman (Los Angeles, California)
 4890  Crooked Row Farm                        (Dayton, Oregon)
 4891  Living Foods Coop of North Dallas       (Dallas, Texas)
 4894  Rural Roots                             (Moscow, Idaho)
 4895  Hidden Oasis CSA                        (Vancouver, Washington)
 4896  White Yarrow Farm                       (Marcellus, Michigan)
 4897  ChefSource Cooperative Warehouse, Inc   (San  Antonio, Texas)
 4899  Emerald Isle Organic Farm               (Atlanta, Indiana)
 4900  Lynwood Farm                            (Stoddard, Wisconsin)
 4902  Rocky Gardens CSA                       (Davisburg, Michigan)
 4903  Last Concert Cafe                       (Houston, Texas)
 4904  Eleanor Mae Collection, Inc.            (Post  Falls, Idaho)
 4905  Lucy's Restaurant, Bar & Bakery         (Sebastopol, California)
 4906  Riverdance Farms                        (Livingston, California)
 4907  Jean Luc's Bistro                       (Austin, Texas)
 4908  Coon Creek Family Farm                  (Mondovi, Wisconsin)
 4909  Farm Fresh To You                       (Capay, California)
 4910  Brunkow Cheese                          (Darlington, Wisconsin)
 4912  Providence Pastures Farm                (Columbus Twp, Pennsylvania)
 4913  Tracie's Farm                           (Sullivan, New Hampshire)
 4918  Gracehaven Farm                         (Drewryville, Virginia)
 4919  The Dutch Flower Farm                   (Waco, Kentucky)
 4920  Jasmine Farm LLC                        (Glenwood, Maryland)
 4923  DeBerry Farm                            (Oakland, Maryland)
 4924  Erehwon Farm                            (St. Charles, Illinois)
 4925  Full Circle Farms                       (Spring Mills, Pennsylvania)
 4926  Restaurant Nora                         (Washington, DC)
 4927  Turtle Spring Farm                      (Chelsea, Michigan)
 4928  Bluff Country Co-op                     (Winona, Minnesota)
 4929  Happy Farms                             (Clayton, California)
 4930  Lexington Real Foods Co-op              (Buffalo, New York)
 4931  Pepper King Farm                        (Gallipolis Ferry, West Virginia)
 4932  Millard Family Mushrooms                (Waldport, Oregon)
 4933  Olkkola Farm                            (Ossipee, New Hampshire)
 4934  Duck Creek Family Farm                  (Sanger, Texas)
 4936  Shaker Woods Farm                       (Sanbornton, New Hampshire)
 4938  Sanborton Farmers' Market               (Sanbornton, New Hampshire)
 4939  NH Farmers' Market Association          (Sanbornton, New Hampshire)
 4942  Oak Hill Acres                          (Atalissa, Iowa)
 4943  Better Foods Co-op                      (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
 4944  Midvalleyvu Farms, Inc.                 (Arkansaw, Wisconsin)
 4947  Sholler Farms                           (Volant, Pennsylvania)
 4948  Blue Ridge Center                       (Purcellville, Virginia)
 4949  Perry Farmers' Market                   (Perry, New York)
 4951  Trails End Public House                 (Silverton, Colorado)
 4952  Rippling Waters / Backyard Organics     (Steep Falls, Maine)
 4953  Double L Farm                           (Aurora, Kansas)
 4954  Maple Rock Farm                         (eastsound, Washington)
 4955  Helbert's                               (Tenth Legion, Virginia)
 4956  Gatton Farms Popcorn Inc.               (Story City, Iowa)
 4959  Wiedmann Farm Fresh Meats               (Onaga, Kansas)
 4961  Florida Fresh Food Guide                (Cocoa, Florida)
 4965  Organic Fresh Market                    (Ocoee, Florida)
 4966  Green Haven Farm                        (Fleetwood, Pennsylvania)
 4969  The Nelke Farm                          (Lovingston, Virginia)
 4970  Fat Rooster Farm                        (Royalton, Vermont)
 4971  The Food Project                        (boston, Massachusetts)
 4973  Mountain View Growers                   (Spokane, Washington)
 4974  Hilo Farmers Market                     (Hilo, Hawaii)
 4975  Institute for Culinary Awakening        (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
 4976  Real Food For Humans                    (Sebastopol, California)
 4977  Cowtown Farmers' Market                 (Folcroft, Pennsylvania)
 4978  mudlake farm                            (Hudsonvile, Michigan)
 4979  Orchard Hill Farm                       (Berkshire, New York)
 4980  watsunami                               (Austin, Texas)
 4981  Duck Haven Farm                         (Ocala, Florida)
 4982  Hundred Pines Farm                      (Taylor, Wisconsin)
 4983  Goose Pond Farm, LLC                    (Hartselle, Alabama)
 4984  Cobblestone Valley Farm                 (Preble, New York)
 4985  Poultry Paradise                        (Barney, Georgia)
 4986  Greener Pastures Poultry                (Noti, Oregon)
 4987  Starting Over Farm                      (Colonial Beach, Virginia)
 4988  Bobolink Dairy                          (Vernon, New Jersey)
 4989  Oaks of Mamre Farm                      (Hempstead, Texas)
 4990  Lathrop Farmers Market                  (Lathrop, Missouri)
 4991  Mountain Country Farms                  (Bend/Alfalfa, Oregon)
 4992  Sargent's Bear Necessities              (North Troy, Vermont)
 4993  Herb'n Renewal                          (Lancaster, Kentucky)
 4994  M and M  Farm                           (Palmyra, Missouri)
 4995  Sunny Hill Farm                         (Willis, Virginia)
 4997  Solar Harvest Farm                      (Waterford, Wisconsin)
 4998  Cairdeas Druim LLC                      (LaGrange, Indiana)
 4999  ShowMe Fresh Farm                       (Cape Girardeau, Missouri)
 5000  Flashover Farm                          (rainier, Washington)
 5001  reNewal Farm                            (Kansas City, Missouri)
 5002  Never Say Never Ranch                   (Bend/Alfalfa, Oregon)
 5003  Shady Lane Poultry Farm, Inc.           (Winchester, Kentucky)
 5004  Anderson Farm                           (Muscatine, Iowa)
 5007  Farmer Jake                             (Troy, Idaho)
 5009  The Organic Way                         (Milo, Missouri)
 5010  Savory Farm Organic Cranberries         (Plymouth, Massachusetts)
 5011  Cambria Pines Lodge Restaurant          (Cambria, California)
 5012  Deer Hill Ranch                         (Lafayette, California)
 5013  Campbell's Fresh Market                 (Clever, Missouri)
 5014  Buzzin' Blossoms Bee Farm               (Evans, Georgia)
 5015  River Terrace Gardens                   (Ankeny, Iowa)
 5016  Life Abundant Farm                      (Fayette, Missouri)
 5019  Dancing Tree Organic Farm               (Igo, California)
 5020  Nelson - Pohlsander Herb Farm           (Stockton, Missouri)
 5021  Johnson Farms                           (Wilmington, Ohio)
 5024  Bee Bright                              (Santa Cruz, California)
 5025  Greenhill Organic                       (Sutton, New Hampshire)
 5026  Gracious Gardens                        (Grand Tower, Illinois)
 5027  Catskill Rose                           (Mount Tremper, New York)
 5028  Franklin Farmers' Market                (Franklin, Tennessee)
 5029  Black Mesa Ranch                        (Snowflake, Arizona)
 5030  Verdant Farm                            (Buckley, Michigan)
 5032  McCormack Sheep & Grain                 (Rio Vista, California)
 5033  Hertiage Acres                          (Niles, Michigan)
 5036  Farmersville Cheeses                    (Oldwick, New Jersey)
 5037  theorganiccornucopiafamilyfarm          (Rock Stream, New York)
 5038  Safe Home Farm                          (Platteville, Wisconsin)

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