We at Palmetto Creek Farms LLC. use the natural method of farming where our hogs are maintained outside in the fresh air. We have small herds of the Heritage breed of Herefords hogs. They are kept outside everyday of their lives. We use no antibotics or animal by-products in our feed. If we must treat a hog with antibiotics that hog or pig is marked and sold locally to people that don't mind meat that has been treated with antibotics, after the withdrawal period is over. Our goal is not only to provide you with natural pork but to provide you with the best possible natural pork through selective breeding. We use Herefords as our only breed for our deluxe pork. The Hereford pork is similar to Berkshire pork only better in our opinion. It has marbling similar to a good steak. The color of the Hereford Hog helps it not burn in the hot Florida Sun like the white breeds tend to do. It also doesn't get as hot as the black breeds do in this heat. The only diference between our Natural Pork and Organic is our feed is not made from Organic Corn and Soybean. View our website for more information.

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Hereford Pork all USDA processed and vacumn packed custom to your specifications. August and September is a great time to buy your 1/2 or whole hog for the freezer. These are our slower months with our commercial customers and our hogs are a little bigger this time of year.

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We sell whole, half hogs and primals. We vacuum pack everything including heads.

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We met Mr. Jim today when we picked up our humanely raised hog. To see the hogs in a natural pasture took me back to our farm as a child in Ohio. Mr. Jim is a gentleman and answered any/all of our questions.... [more]

I can't say enough about Palmetto Creek Farms. Jim has been very helpful, he is very knowledgeable about his product and passionate about his pigs. The caretaker of the farm (I can't remember his name) was just as knowledgeable and was happy to answer all of our questions.... [more]

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Welcome to our first discussion on Meat Quality.  I guess the first detail is to establish what is meant by Meat Quality.

When we hear the term all natural to most people it means many things.... [more]

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