Pastured American Bronze Turkeys

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Pastured American Bronze Turkeys

Free range Bronze turkeys. No animal by-products or hormones.

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FOR more information on our turkeys.. please read the current review in "Cook's Illustrated Magazine" America's Test Kitchen

Turkeys are shipped Mondays and Tuesdays for a Shipped NOW Request, via UPS. Your turkeys will be shipped Frozen. Please visit our website for ordering

Your Turkey will arrive partially frozen, and will NOT need to be refroze.. Just refrigerate till cooked.

All our turkeys are processed at a Fed USDA certified organic processor. Try a real turkey. Taste a turkey the way it is suppose to be.

If you have never eaten a Heritage Turkey, now is a good opportunity to try one. Don't be confused with "feed mill' turkeys sold as a heritage turkeys.

Properly raised Heritage Turkeys take 28 weeks to become a well proportioned and nutritious, table bird. Compared to an average of 16 weeks for the Broad Breasted Whites that dominate the stores, a properly balanced diet, is key to development. We have our supplemental feed custom ground, including essential minerals and vitamins. Our turkeys enjoy all the bugs and grasses they can find.

Cooking your Heritage Turkey is still a critical element in enjoying your meal to the fullest. We have a couple of recipes on our website. We want your meal to be a pleasant and memorable experience.

For most people a turkey is a turkey, and a Heritage turkey is not really a specific breed, but is a term used from years ago, before the Broad Breasted Whites were developed for massive meat production. The large whites and bronze of today are never raised to maturity; never have a chance to range. Hence the meat texture tends to be very soft or even mushy; breast meat is usually so dry that most processing plants add a brine solution to give it a little more taste. Heritage Turkeys have a finer and a more dense meat, dark meat is actually reddish to maroon in color. The skin is thicker with a good chew. They are not inserted with a "brine solution to give them flavor".

Turkeys ordered for Christmas 2016, will be shipped on December 19th for delivery on or before 12/22