Our small farm has some happy hens laying happy multi-colored eggs. All hens are free ranging on a pasture of wild grasses through warm months and fed non-gmo organic feed (including sprouts, greens, etc) during warm and cold months. Our egg layers include the following breeds (including some heritage breeds): Black Sumatra, Cuckoo Maran, Blue Icelandic, Dominique, La Fleche, Silver Lakenvelder, Golden Lakenvelder, Silver-Gray Dorking, Ameraucana, Brown Leghorn, White Leghorn, Black Penedesenca, Black & White Japanese Bantam, & Buff Orpington.

We also offer produce grown biodynamically from non-gmo seed and do not use chemicals or pesticides. We use truly natural gardening methods including the biodynamic method, permaculture, crop rotation/cover crops, companion planting, and living mulch. If taste and quality food is of interest to you, please email us to get on our weekly Pueblo delivery schedule. We also deliver to homes along our route to Pueblo.

Listing last updated on May 22, 2016

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