Raw Black Sage Honey

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Raw Black Sage Honey

Do yourself a favor and try one of the rarer California honeys around. From the hills of the Cleveland National Forest to you!

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Why scrimp on the amount of natural sweetness that goes into your tea or on your toast?

Raw honey is defined as honey that is produced by bees in the hive or by extracting it without adding any heat above 120 Degrees Fahrenheit. Because of it's naturally high fructose content, Sage honey is one of the few varieties that rarely crystallize. No corn syrup added! Limited processing also preserves the minerals and enzymes found in raw honey. Black Sage honey also tends to be one of the rarer varietal honeys because Mother Nature has to cooperate just right before it can be produced. The Black Sage plant must receive around 15 inches of rainfall before it will produce enough nectar for honey production. That means the hillsides only produce enough nectar 4 out of 10 years. So don't miss out-- who knows what the next rainy season will bring!

Bobcat Properties Farm has acres of hillside covered in California Black Sage and Buckwheat for our bees to forage on. We are located up against the Cleveland National Forest in Southern California so there are thousands more acres that are easily accessed by our bees. We carry limited amounts of Buckwheat honey at our Farmer's Markets locations.

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