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What a terrific local resource!

By: Anne Wolfe    (Aug 8, 2008)

I've been working on buying all of my food locally, and supporting local farmers - Hedgeapple Farm is the only place where I purchase beef. Hiqh quality beef, staff, location - you name it - it's GREAT!

Their meats are individually shrink wrapped and are sold frozen, so bring along your cooler during these hot summer months. As well as carrying every meat cut known to man, they have delicious frozen 'prepared' items that are sold by the quart. We love the beef barbeque (they also have 'Sloppy Joe's). These are a wonderful way to create a quick and easy meal when I'm short of time. They occasionally have cage-free eggs available too, just ask!

Even something as mundane as ground beef tastes terrific - I've had folks eat things that I've prepared using Hedgeapple meats (like chili, which already has strong flavors), and ask - 'What did you do to this?! It's REALLY good!' The only difference in the recipe was the Hedgeapple meat!

Come and visit and give it a try - you won't be sorry (they're competitively priced, and their value is much higher) - and support our local farms!

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