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Can Feel The Love!!!

By: Cristina    (Aug 10, 2008)

I was privileged to try this fresh local produce for the first time last night. I was blown away by the taste of the fresh crisp cucumber. The farmers, Abby & Jason encouraged my family and I to come tour their farm the next day, to see what it was all about. Again, I was BLOWN away! Their farm is stunning! It lies against the canyon with rolling hills in the background. On this particular day it was over 90 degrees, with a gentle wind keeping us all cool. The white thunderhead clouds settling over the mountain tops made it picture perfect...but back to the wonderful food.

We were able to see our fresh veggies being grown. Jason picked some zucchini and more cucumbers for our enjoyment. Abby gladly let us harvest some fresh peaches, which are near and dear to my heart! Also growing was corn, gourds, winter squash & also beginning to sprout were some wild flowers, that will soon turn into a beautiful bouquet!

Later in the day when we were enjoying our cucumber salad, I asked my niece why does local grown produce taste so much better than store bought produce? She proudly told me, "It is because the veggies can feel the love when they are growing." Hmmmm, I wonder if she is onto something!! By the looks of this farm it is apparent that Abby & Jason truly love what they do!! We can not wait to become "official" members of this CSA!!

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