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EXCELLENT produce!

By: Barbara B    (Sep 30, 2008)

Have been buying Willow Grove's produce for years from a local store, and am thrilled to discover that they sell directly to the public! Will be dealing with them directly now, their produce has always been really exceptional. I just bought some of their excellent corn today. I always buy enough for two days, but enjoy it so much that I invariably eat it all in one sitting.

Their string beans are so good that I took some along on a visit to a friend in Ohio last year, packed them in my luggage and took them on the plane. Turned out that she has never liked green beans, but was so impressed that I brought them along that she tried them, and LOVED them! I cut and steamed them nicely, and all through dinner she kept going back to them and saying to her husband: "Look! I'm eating string beans!" This was after 5 decades of not eating them, but she thought they were delicious, and they are.

I highly recommend this place, these are honestly the best tasting vegetables that I've had since I had my own garden, or when I was a child and my Grandfather had his own huge farm on Long Island. I discovered this quite late in the season this year, but am looking forward to buying what I can directly in the 4 weeks that I have left.

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