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Super nice people, awesome tasting food

By: Sandy    (Nov 22, 2008)

I got eggs, sweet potatoes and apples.

This morning, my 10 month old daughter enjoyed a scrambled egg yolk with a bit of sharp cheddar, husband had cheesy scrambled eggs and I had eggs in holes.

While I was separating the yolk from the white for my baby, I noted that the yolk was a very deep orange-red and very, very soft. Presumably, the only difference between the organic free-range eggs I get at the grocery store and the organic free-range eggs I got from this local farm yesterday is where they came from. Maybe the grocery store eggs really are older, like the farmer said. Maybe the yolks get tougher and lighter in color as they age. More likely than not, being truly free-range and eating a healthier, real diet makes a big difference. Either way, I almost broke the yolk just running an indirect stream of water over it. I used to toss the grocery store egg yolks from hand to hand like a tiny water balloon and they wouldn't break! I scrambled the yolk with a piece of cheese on a couple drops of olive oil. She gobbled it up as if there were no tomorrow

Next, my husband made me a couple eggs in holes. We were weirded out for a few minutes by the different colors of yolks. My two eggs were distinctly different. One was a burnt sienna while the other looked more yellow like a grocery store egg, only deeper. Guess what? They also tasted different! The darker one actually had a greenish-blue undertone to it like the farmer said it might. But it also tasted very sweet and very flavorful. It was a bold egg. The other, more yellow, one tasted a little subtler, more like a grocery store egg but much creamier. It was fabulous, My daughter helped me finish it off, taking care of pieces of yolk-soaked bread.

Finally, my husband ate traditional scrambled eggs made with freshly shredded sharp cheddar. Usually when we make eggs this way, the cheese overpowers the egg. This time, he was surprised to be unable to taste the cheese. These eggs can stand up for themselves! He said it tasted "a lot stronger and a lot better." His individual eggs were also differently colored and he was fascinated by the different streaks of color as he stirredthem.

Also, between the three of us, we have eaten five Yates apples since last night. They are so good. Unbelievably big flavor in such a tiny packaging. The first time I bit into one, my eyes popped wide open. I would describe the taste as a cross between Fuji and Granny Smith apples, but my husband disagrees. He thinks they're sweeter than that. Baby loves them, as well. When she's not chowing down on it, she stands there and sucks on her piece of apple. They're also the perfect size for her hands and I look forward to when she's old enough to eat whole apples.

I can't wait to try the sweet potatoes. I found organic beets at our grocery store and will roast them together for dinner tonight. Somehow, I'm sure they will be fabulous!!

Stokes Farm has won us over. We will be customers as long as they'll have us!

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