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Fabulous Farm

By: Roxanne Beseman    (Feb 3, 2010)

Imagine driving up a long driveway each week and seeing the seasons unfold in all their loveliness. One week the sight and fragrance of apple blossoms fill your senses. Another week it's lilacs. Brambles, heavy with June berries line the drive. Perennial flowers from spring through fall tick off the weeks as they each take their turn showing off their glorious blossoms.

Now, imagine leaving each week with a box or cooler filled with freshly harvested organic vegetables and herbs. Add fresh eggs, rich in nutrients, laid just for you by happy well-fed hens. Want a bouquet of gorgeous flowers? How about organic broiler hens? These are all yours for the asking.

In the two years that I have been a shareholder in River Bluff Organic Farm, I have thoroughly enjoyed eating flavorful, nutrient rich, chemical free produce and eggs. I have learned what it means to eat seasonally. Thanks to Suzy''s weekly recipes, I have learned to cook with and love eating herbs, greens, and root vegetables that I would not have considered buying at the grocery store. I have learned what great effort it takes to grow organic food. Lastly, I understand that the price I pay for high quality food is well worth it, for the health of my family and me.

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