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Proof that Simple Living Creates Affordable Food with Love

By: Joy Sisto    (Mar 12, 2010)

This farm keeps expenses low, while raising animals in a top quality humane fashion, free of unnecessary chemicals and growth hormones, while also providing custom made feed from their own grains they grow. I really appreciate that a bunch.

I also like that the small group of dairy cows are treated with love and are very friendly, while also providing food for humans. They are fed a custom feed made with their own locally grown feed, and without soy and unnecessary ingredients, although the majority of their nourishment is from pasture, with minimal grain rationst to keep the dairy cow's health. Just ask Andy for the details on that! :)

Also, I've come to understand that the pastured chickens and layers are also fed a custom local feed, free of soy. I am slow cooking a sample of a small bird right now, prepping it with fresh thyme, rosemary, and sage, as we speak.

Tonight, I tried a sample of the pork bacon and it cooks well, taste great and I appreciate that they are also fed a custom feed from locally grown sources, and much of the ingredients grown right on their farm- again, free of soy. It made a wonderful bacon, lettuce, and tomato wrap on organic sprouted grain and using a locally grown lettuce mix.

I will definitely be returning again! Thanks Andy and Family! I appreciate all the love you into raising these animals, giving them a good life, while appreciating the life-giving nourishments they provide us humans too.

Bless your hearts!

With great gratitude,


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