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Eggs and milk

By: Dawn Nobile    (Aug 10, 2010)

No matter what's on the label of a carton of eggs, the truth is told by the eggs themselves. Cynthia's eggs are my favorite. On the outside, I'm treated to a rainbow of color, and a range of shapes and sizes. Already, I know I'm getting a good spectrum of nutrients. I pick up one of the smaller ones. It's surprisingly heavy. I take it home. I crack into a fry pan a huge egg I had left in the fridge. It's a pretty good one--free range, local. I crack open Cynthia's egg beside it. I gasp. The yolk is larger than that of the much bigger egg. Deep red orange, firm and round. Cynthia tells me her hens are getting so wild they're developing spurs.

As a nutritionist, I know that the difference between good eggs and bad is huge. I wouldn't pay a penny for poor eggs anymore. And really good eggs like these, nowadays, are rare and precious.

And I am so grateful for the milk fresh and sweet from their docile cow, When she's tied out near the shop, my daughter and I love to give her a rub behind the ears and say "thanks"!

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