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It's a farm, not a supermarket

By:    (Jan 19, 2011)

This is my second review of the Rogowski farm, and I continue to believe that it is one of the best around. One of the values of being part of a CSA is that you become intimately acquainted with the realities of farming. The variables, like too much/too little sun, rain, heat, cold, etc. shape the produce.

In real family farms, people eat what is available, depending on such uncontrollable things as weather, feral animals, labor issues, and time of year. That is the essence of the CSA experience. You become, at least for a few hours, like the pioneers who wrenched a living from the soil. You enjoy the freshness of the spring berries, or the harshness of the late winter turnip. Then, come spring, the berries return. Or, the rains wash out the berry crop and you are left with scapes or scallions.

Unlike a supermarket, which can reject less than perfect looking tomatoes, or jack up the price for the few that look perfect [regardless of flavor or the lack of it], a farm family lives with the results of weather, labor, and time. Overripe? make sauce or jelly. Underripe? make pickles or fried green tomatoes. There is an intimacy with one's food that can only be experienced among the less-than-perfect examples in the famer's baskets.

I have found the folks at Rogowski's to be kind, friendly, helpful and polite. They work hard so that we non-farm folks can have a taste - both literally and figuratively - of real food, and of the life that brings that food out of the earth.

Enjoy your CSAs for what they are, a source of local produce,organically grown, and seasonally offered. Otherwise, you may seek out the perfect plastic, foods that have traveled half way around the world, consuming vast amounts of fuel in the process.

For this reviewer, I'll cherish an over-ripe Rogowski tomato over the picturesque plastic-wrapped imports any day.

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