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THE best organic farm! Highly recommend!

By: Melissa Boersma    (Jan 6, 2012)

First of all, let me say I was SHOCKED to see someone give this farm 1 star! I cannot imagine someone interpreting Earthkeeper's CSA in that light. That being said, if someone has had a poor experience or expectations weren't being met, I know for a fact that Rachelle and Andrew would be more than willing to hear someone out and see where improvements could be made. My experience with Earthkeeper has only been positive. As others have mentioned already, they offer a great opportunity to be connected with where your food is coming from. They love having customers come out and see the farm - or even help harvest! Their Sunday afternoon potlucks foster community and connect us not only to our food sources, but also to each other! Their organic produce is delicious, more nutritious (because of their focus on soil health) and fairly priced. I know of many high-scale restaurants in the greater Grand Rapids that absolutely love their produce quality. And I have witness first-hand Rachelle offering more variety and "special offerings" to the CSA rather than offering to farm market customers. Every other customer of Earthkeeper's that I have encountered has had only wonderful things to say not only of the quality and variety of produce offered, but also about the Bostwicks themselves. Great farm, great food, great people!

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