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Taste and see the difference!

By: Trisha Grisko    (Jan 18, 2012)

After hearing all the great things about CSA's and Murray Hill Farm, we decided to give it a run and haven't looked back. Let me tell you first hand; the switch from grocery store bought produce to Murray Hill Farm has been astounding! It can not get any more fresh, which makes for some fantastic cooking. My husband thinks I am a gourmet chef now and he's even joined me in the kitchen! Chuck has been great to work with. His excitement and knowledge has inspired me to learn more about my food. Not just where it comes from and how it gets there (next time check the labels and see just how far the stuff travels to get to you- and ask yourself how fresh could it really be?) but also different kinds of fruits & vegetables that aren't even in the stores! He shares recipes and tips on what to use first out of your CSA basket. You will have fun experimenting in the kitchen and finding new ways to prepare foods you have made for years. Not only is the food great but so are the people at Murray Hill. They take great pride in what they do & it shows. You are even welcome out on the Farm to help & you'll catch me out there getting my hands dirty. The baskets are plentiful and so are the friends. As Murray Hill saying goes ****Peace, Love & Veggies***** Thanks guys!- Trish

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