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Great farm, wonderful people!

By: John Harrington    (Feb 21, 2012)

My family and I have been customers of La Terra Vita for over 3 years, when we began purchasing eggs from Art and Lucie at the Salem Farmer's Market. Their hens are cage free and fed organic feed and, of course, anything they find as they scratch around their beautiful pasture (lucky chickens!). The eggs have a deep yellow-orange color and are fantastic any way you care to cook them. When we began using La Terra Vita's eggs and changing nothing else, we noticed an improved flavor and color in recipes that we've made for a long time, especially family favorites like creme brulee and home-made ice cream. We also like La Terra Vita eggs for what is not in them: hormones and antibiotics. Even the very best egg found in your local grocery store pales in comparison (pun intended).

La Terra Vita's greens are also superb and the variety is amazing. I don't remember all their names, but there is a Japanese variety with yellow flowers that is our favorite. The mustard greens have just the right amount of fiery kick to light your mouth up and the micro-greens are a tender treat. We also love the fingerling potatoes, all the different squashes, carrots, parsnips, wild blackberries, etc., etc. Here again, we like these things for their superior flavor, texture, nutrients as well as what is not in them: no pesticides or herbicides.

La Terra Vita produces good clean food and we feel better when we eat it.

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