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Newbie with CSAs

By: Tanisha Jay    (May 13, 2012)

I finally made the leap to join a CSA. This is my first time purchasing a CSA share and I am totally excited. I chose Mealor Family Gardens because it meet my three basic requirements. I needed Saturday pick up because I don't have time to meal plan during the week as I am just too busy. I didn't want to have drive all over Atlanta for my pickups or to visit the actual farm. And finally I needed a price that fit my budget for a 1/2 share, as a single person I don't want to waste food.

Ben was super nice and explained everything including answering all my questions. I look forward to a great 1st CSA season and will update my review to let everyone know how my season goes.


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Tanisha Jay says:    (Feb 7, 2013)
So it is fast approaching CSA season again, and I wanted to update my review from last year. I really enjoyed my first season of CSA and the reasons I chose Mealor Family Gardens truly worked out for me. Ben and Bill were great to work with, the locations proximity and the produce was great. I had a half share and took a few photos of some of my baskets: . If I had one request it would be to add some green or herbs to the selection sometimes. But I will be doing CSA again.

Laura Mairs says:    (Jun 30, 2015)
What items were you able to get from them?