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By: Farnsworth Family    (Nov 25, 2012)

Cooked 2 turkeys for Thanksgiving. 1. Organic, free-range, heritage (bronze) turkey from Whole Foods. Grown in 16 weeks, on corn and soy.

2. Organic, free-range, heritage (Midget White) turkey from R.R.F. Grown in 28 weeks, without grains, and without corn or soy.

Both turkeys were between 14-15lbs each.

Rinsed, salted and placed in covered broiler pans, in the pre-heated oven.

Both cooked in about 6 hours, at 325 degrees.

Both turkeys were uncovered and browned on 500 degrees, for 20 minutes.

A family taste test began.

The W.F. turkey breast was a little too dry, there was little flavor, and the underlayer of the skin was very fatty and not really edible.

The R.R.F. turkey breast was moist, had a natural flavor of it's own, the skin was crispy and tasty. This turkey needed no seasoning at all.

This was the first time I ever spent over $200.00 on a Thanksgiving turkey, from a local farm. I helped pluck the feathers, and clean my turkey, with the patience, and expertise of the farmers.

My family was shocked by the great, natural flavor, and the tender texture of the R.R.F. turkey. Now my entire family is going to pitch-in every year to make sure I get a fresh turkey from R.R.F.

This whole hands on experience, and agricultural education was WORTH IT. We are going to start a R.R.F. farm membership in January.

Many thanks, from the Farnsworth family.

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Luke Hagenbach says:    (Nov 27, 2012)
They charge over $200 for a turkey?