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Very disappointed

By: San Antonio shopper    (Nov 29, 2012)

Perhaps I did not understand organic farming but I felt the tiny, unripened tomatoes, one serving of very small amount of broccoli that was already soft, and a tiny, overripe eggplant were poor specimens. When he advertised we would get fennel the next day, the fennel came without the bulb or frilly tops leaving me wishing I had bought some fennel I saw at the next booth. There were several weeks when all we received were unusual and strong greens which were difficult to incorporate tastefully into recipes. I understand poor growing conditions but felt quite frustrated when I would arrive at his CSA booth to pick up my basket to receive only greens and see other vegetables for sale such as bell peppers, butternut squash in his booth. I think this begs the question that perhaps the best items were being saved to sell at the market and to the high end restaurants he advertised supplying. In my experience, I could have spent 28.00 weekly at the farmer's market and purchased the same amount of greens and had plenty left over to purchase pounds of produce. Bottom line is that I never felt I received anywhere near 28.00 worth for any of the ten weeks I paid.

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Pedro Schambon says:    (Dec 5, 2012)
We are so sorry your were so dissapointed, We aplogized for not fullfilling your expectations with our CSA basket, if you wish please let me now your name will be happy to refund you the CSA basket or baskets, we had never nor will would ever put other or better or diffrent produce in the table and give you (left over), for the contrary we appreciated so very much our CSA members that they always get exclusive and limited produce that we normally do not bring to the market, in 6 years farming and with hundreds of CSA members this is the first time we get a negative comment, the fennel as mentioned in our weekly basket was microgreens so of course there were not bulb on it, again please accept our apologizes and let us know how we can fix you uncomfort. Farming sure requires hard work and many long days in the field and to gain the reputation that we enjoy in the marketplace is due to our quality and ethical standars , but it only take one bad comment to ruined it, please allow us to make it better for you. Pedro Schambon - Owner/Founder