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Personal, friendly, diverse

By: Lisa Freitag    (Feb 4, 2013)

Farmer Garry Fay of the Freedom Farm provides the most personalized and diversified service I was able to find in the St. Croix Valley. I have been able to pick up boxes at my local co-op or call ahead and have boxes ready at the farm tailored to what I need that week. I can also bring my family and pick our own food at the farm, which is located at his home where you see him hard at work in the fields or the barn, planting, watering and harvesting.

You are able to see that he is rotating crops to keep the soil rich, and he seems to plant the most broad range of crops I was able to find in the area, ensuring my family is neither bored, nor lacking in important nutrients. He provides farm fresh eggs, apple cider vinegar, whole chickens and medicinal western and Chinese herbs in the spring. He is very knowledgeable in the arena of canning and fermenting foods and is happy to answer questions and offer guidance.

I highly recommend the Freedom Farm for anybody looking for diversity in planting, great care in food production, and personalized friendly service from a farmer you know and trust.

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