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By: Margo Margalit    (Jun 8, 2013)

I tried the buying club option ($40 yearly) for one year and I'm not coming back. I cannot say that it was terrible, but simply there are better options available in the Poconos. I'm really sorry that Trailhead CSA closed their business, because I think they were the best. After meeting such a wonderful family and buying their produce (David & Kathy Reder), I just don't feel like going again with Heidi and her farm. There were many times that I came to the farm store and left empty handed. There were some veggies that were of a good quality, but sometimes they would sell stuff that have been lying around for at least a week (you can say by looking and touching it). Also, some veggies were extremely overpriced. Like for example, they sold red potatoes for $2.75 a pound. Even though, I can afford to pay such price, but I simply wouldn't. It's not worth it. I simply went and bought red organic potatoes from the Earthlight natural organic store in Stroudsburg. There were times that they sold tiny potatoes (literally size of 1/4 inch in diameter), and they would sell it for the same price. I'm happy to support local farms in general, but I don't think they should be offering this even for sale. I don't know why anybody would even buy it. Also, I'm not sure why would you pay the yearly fee, if the prices are fairly compatible with the ones in the Earthlight natural store. You don't need to pay a fee there in order to shop. Instead I'm going to Annie's acres this year.

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