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Neil is pushy and rude

By: Teresa Abb    (Jun 7, 2014)

I went to the farmers market today and I had shopped with another farm (The fry Farm) and I love these people. Then I stopped by Neil Taylor's farm with my vegetables that I had bought from the Fry Farm. I picked up only beets and kohlrabi from Neil. When I went to pay for my vegetables, he questioned me as to where I had gotten the other vegetables from (as if I had stolen them from him). This highly upset me! I have shopped with Neil for over 4 years, including signing up for a CSA, but to be accused of stealing a head of fennel, takes the cake. Not only that, he tries to talk you into buying vegetables from him that you don't need or like. He is like a "used" car salesman and tries to torment you into buying things that you don't need or want. Note to Neil: most of us come to the farmers market to look around, buy locally grown food, and have a little fun. I have supported your farm for many years, but due to your accusations and rude comments, I will not shop with u again

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