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Seriously lacking

By:    (Aug 25, 2015)

This crop share was a complete waste of money. The selection was incredibly lacking. The produce generally wasn't fresh. They were inconsistent - items you would expect to be abundant just weren't there. Communication from the woman in charge was poor at best. Many excuses were given for the lack of produce and the condition of what we did get. But after speaking with friends of mine doing other local CSAs - things just didn't add up. I would recommend going with another crop share unless you like flushing money down the toilet.

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Marjorie Satterlee says:    (Sep 6, 2015)
I have tried to explain things to this man but he only thinks explanations are excuses. It has been a hard year for all the farmers I know . None of our produce has been old but he evidently dose not understand what hot dry temperatures do to produce. He is the only one of my group that has any complaints and all of my regulars are signing back up for another year. I am so glad that for the most part people do understand the problems with weather and insects. I have already said that I was adding several free weeks for this group in hopes that the cooler temperatures of fall will give us better fall crops than what the summer has. If he wants perfect produce than possibly he should stick to the chemical infested stuff the stores provide him.