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Outstanding organic produce!

By: Catherine Hess    (Mar 13, 2018)

Growing my own greens and herbs totally spoiled me for storebought stuff, and the salad mix, assorted young greens, and herbs from Even' Star Organic Farm CSA are just as good as I'd pick fresh from my yard, but the variety is way better than I will ever have space for.

Everything is delivered nice and neat with emailed advice on further preparation for use and suggestions for the best culinary uses. If you love greens year-round, you must get a winter subscription, end of discussion. (I'll leave another review once I experience a summer subscription.) I usually get an anemic-feeling craving for fresh veggies in late winter, but instead I feel pumped up with vitamins this year.

There are other goodies, too, like root vegetables, canned tomato sauce, and jam to get you through the cold months. There is even convenient pick-up at the nearby My Organic Market.

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