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Very bad experience - don't recommend!

By: Jason Patinkin    (May 28, 2020)

I live in Washington DC. I was excited to be a part of Little Farm Stand. It looked like the perfect CSA with high quality, local organic produce - a welcome alternative to industrial food and corporate grocery delivery.

My building's front desk doesn't accept food deliveries, so Little Farm Stand agreed to call me when they pulled up so I could come down and pick up the food curbside. We've done the same with plenty of other grocery deliveries including from other farms. However, they never called. They just dropped off the produce in a public space and sent me a text after they left. By the time I saw the text and went downstairs, the food was gone. Someone else had taken it.

When I asked LFS about this, they changed their story and said their drivers can't call before delivery, so we should cancel my membership. I'm still waiting for a refund for the food they just dropped off. Terrible customer service that I didn't expect from a farm that claims to live by local, organic values.

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Local Farm Lover says:    (May 28, 2020)
I had the same exact experience. They need to professionalize their drop offs. I am left disappointed.

KDMacDC says:    (Jun 19, 2020)

KDMacDC says:    (Jun 19, 2020)
Let's take a minute to think about how this could work better in these social distancing times. The first question I would ask is what does CSA stand for? I posit that it stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which really says it all. CSA is about people choosing humane & sustainable living, and investing in their local food growers rather than supporting middlepersons and agribusiness. I have been in CSA's for several decades. In early days, the farmer dropped off the week's haul and members took turns dividing it up into shares for everyone. Now they do the packing, but it is still community. While it is great to see lots of people who were not interested in local food sustainability now signing up, it is a shame that some of us are bringing a concierge mentality rather than becoming involved. Farmers work very, very hard. And delivering all these shares is very hard, and also difficult to avoid exposure to COVID19. Let's try connecting with our farmers. Pave the way so that it is easier to make safe deliveries to your building. Or better still, sign on for one of the open air drop offs that save our farmers tons of time. Let's make this work for all of us. Be kind and try to understand the social commitment invoved in CSA's.