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Like eating caterpillars and grass?
By:    (Aug 28, 2020)

I love the fresh food, and it's obviously organic. But, we are tired of getting greens that are mostly eaten through by caterpillars. Most recently they were not just eaten through but came with a whole ton of live caterpillars. I stopped counting at 18.. and threw the greens out. I also have to pick grass out of my greens and herbs.. I have ordered from organic farms in the past and never had such low quality control.

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Could not be happier!
By: Kathy    (Jun 25, 2008)

We've had a CSA subscription to Johnson's Backyard Garden for several months now and really could not be happier. We were thrilled to find a CSA in this area without a waiting list, and even more thrilled with the flexibility offered by Johnson's Backyard Garden (the four-box "try out" option, the option to pick up every other week instead of every week, the availability of eggs and fair-trade coffee). There are multiple pickup locations around town, even up in Round Rock where we live.

Most importantly, the produce is always incredibly fresh with a fantastic variety in every box. As an example, this week's box contained zucchini, two types of eggplant, four varieties of squash, three varieties of peppers, two types of cucumbers, okra, loads of tomatoes in a couple of different varieties, a bunch of basil and a small watermelon. There's a huge amount of food in each box as well. For our omnivorous family of four, one box every two weeks is plenty. Larger families and/or vegetarians might do better with one box a week.

We've also found this particular CSA to be very affordable, especially when you average out the cost of each box and consider the amount of stuff in each one. Even in the early spring when not much more than greens are in season, it's way more produce than you could get for the same price at any of the local stores, especially when you consider it's all organic and grown locally.

The newsletter and website are great as well. They give you an idea of what's growing at the farm, what's likely to be in your box each week, and even provide recipes! We really have nothing at all negative to say about this farm/CSA and recommend it highly.

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Wonderful produce and happy faces
By:    (Apr 24, 2008)

I started with Johnson's Backyard Garden almost a year ago and I love it. Their produce is fantastic quality.. oh the carrots, succulent tomatoes, the squash, the chard - I didn't know what chard was, but now I'm hooked! I am always pleased with the diversity, quantity, and quality of the produce each week. They do partnerships with other farms, too, so sometimes you'll get strawberries or delicious citrus in your boxes as well. I'm happy to say that I've gotten several of my friends subscribing to their produce as well. I had the pleasure of volunteering on the farm one Saturday morning as well. I found them to be incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the actual harvest work was really enjoyable. If I had more time, I'd probably be out there every week!I also love the fact that I'm supporting local farming, a diminishing tradition, getting access to the freshest produce, and reducing my carbon footprint. I highly recommend signing up with a CSA in general, but I particularly recommend the guys at Johnson's Backyard Garden. Try it out - you won't regret it. :)

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