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the future of our food
By: sally roach    (Nov 21, 2010)

I have only spoken on the phone with Suzy but she is a great person who really cares about the earth, fellow humans and a good organic, chemical free and cruelty free food supply. This place is awesome. I will be looking into buying a share.

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Excellent Value, Great Family CSA experience
By: Dawn Hachfeld    (Mar 13, 2010)

Last year, we joined River Bluff Organic Farms CSA. Our family of 4 had such a great experience that we're planning on doing it again this season.

The variety of produce is impressive. The eggs are the best tasting we've ever had. Our kids love to see the animals, especially the chickens who seemed to be just as thrilled to see them. Suzy is an approachable lady and can be reached via email or phone if needed for any reason.

One season prior to joining River Bluff's CSA, we participated in a different farm's CSA. It was such a negative experience for us, that I had difficulty convincing my husband that we had to try with someone else at least once more. We not only had a positive experience at River Bluff, I would characterize it as pretty fantastic.

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Fabulous Farm
By: Roxanne Beseman    (Feb 3, 2010)

Imagine driving up a long driveway each week and seeing the seasons unfold in all their loveliness. One week the sight and fragrance of apple blossoms fill your senses. Another week it's lilacs. Brambles, heavy with June berries line the drive. Perennial flowers from spring through fall tick off the weeks as they each take their turn showing off their glorious blossoms.

Now, imagine leaving each week with a box or cooler filled with freshly harvested organic vegetables and herbs. Add fresh eggs, rich in nutrients, laid just for you by happy well-fed hens. Want a bouquet of gorgeous flowers? How about organic broiler hens? These are all yours for the asking.

In the two years that I have been a shareholder in River Bluff Organic Farm, I have thoroughly enjoyed eating flavorful, nutrient rich, chemical free produce and eggs. I have learned what it means to eat seasonally. Thanks to Suzy''s weekly recipes, I have learned to cook with and love eating herbs, greens, and root vegetables that I would not have considered buying at the grocery store. I have learned what great effort it takes to grow organic food. Lastly, I understand that the price I pay for high quality food is well worth it, for the health of my family and me.

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Great CSA Farm
By: Defil Hall    (Feb 1, 2010)

Eating healthier was one of my goals and finding Farmgirl Suzy's farm got me closer to the goal. This is my first time joining a CSA, and I am glad I found her farm here at I look forward to Thursdays to pick up fresh produce.

I was introduced to a lot of new vegetables, new recipes and had fun in the process. My daughter especially loved the "colorful" eggs from chickens she got to feed. We even got the chance to continue to pick fresh eggs in the winter. My daughter looks forward to the pick-up days so she can feed the bunny, or the chickens.She was more open to trying new stuff knowing that it came from Farmgirl Suzy's farm. She even got to pick her apples.

Farmgirl Suzy is very accommodating, offering tips, suggestions and even prepared recipes for the produce. (It is not that easy to remember each herb but she was a great resource for their uses).

The broilers we got were very flavorful, and I knew where they came from. It has been easy eating healthier last summer when my fridge was abundant of fresh vegetables, herbs, free-range broilers, and eggs. What I couldn't finish, i got to share with friends... I look forward to the next season of fresh produce.

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Summer of '09 CSA share
By: Mary Sullivan    (Jan 16, 2010)

This was my first year of purchasing a CSA share and I had the pleasure of receiving fresh produce, herbs and eggs from this great litttle farm. I looked forward to Thursdays when I would drive out to pick up my box.....I couldn't wait to see what Farmgirl Suzy had for me! There was a great variety of fresh produce each week along with new recipes to try. I enjoyed the tour of the farm and my kids were able to offer some "hands on" help by collecting some of the eggs from the chicken coop. Eggs from Farmgirl Suzy's chickens are by far the best eggs I have ever eaten. I was thrilled when an egg share was offered through the winter we are still able to enjoy these farm-fresh eggs throughout the year. It takes much hard work and dedication to run a sustainable organic farm and it was inspiring to be able to be a part of this and be able to partake of the final result. The produce was delicious, I loved getting new and different herbs that I hadn't grown in my own backyard, and I felt truly welcome at the farm each week. Looking forward to a new growing season!

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