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Great CSA
By: Annette Macias    (Jan 13, 2015)

I loved everything about being with the Genesis CSA. Great variety of in season produce. Never had any complaints with the deliveries or with receiving bad produce. I did just their summer season but am looking forward to trying all three seasons this year!

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Vicki is fantastic!
By: Jamie Viebach    (Mar 17, 2013)

We split a medium share with a friend and both our families had more than enough for the week. We got the 3 seasons plan and couldn't believe how early we started getting deliveries. And then it went right on through the end of October! All the produce was fresh and beautiful. After a very disappointing experience with a different CSA, we were a bit shy to try it again, but Genesis was fantastic. I loved the weekly emails from Vicki telling us what was going on at the farm and what to expect in our box. You can tell she really loves the land and all its living things! Can't wait for this year's crop! Also, she has arrangements with other farmers to get things she can't/doesn't grow. The oats we got in one box were so sweet and delicious...nothing like Quaker! And the pecans from Tennessee were just to die for. One of these days, I want to take the trip down to the farm to show my son where his food is grown!

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so disapointed with the weekly delivery
By: Anna Zietek    (Sep 18, 2010)

I was so excited to get to the weekly pick-ups and start getting fresh food from the farm. I bought all seasons packages. I feel so disappointed now with the amount of food as well with the quality of the food. It is sad to say but I would pay much less if I would by all things on the market than I paid for the shares. I thought it would come cheaper to have the shares but it is not true. The shares cost approximately $30 per week, and for those money I could buy more fruits and veggies than I found in the box. The quality of the food is also not great, other farms on the Market offers much nicer products. I will never sigh up for the shares especially form this farm.

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A Wonderful Experience
By: Alaina Roche    (Jan 29, 2010)

Last year was my first CSA experience, I have to say I LOVED IT. My children had the opportunity to taste more varieties of fruit and vegetables during that year than my husband and I have had in our whole lives. Thursdays (our pick up day) were the most exciting day of the week. The boxes contained both fruit and vegetables and from my research is something not every CSA does. There are three seasons to choose from. We got all three and had fresh products long before other CSAs even started and long after others ended. In the boxes were staples but also new and interesting varieties as well. The weekly emails were so personable-not only telling you what was in the box but how to use some of the more unusual stuff, recipes from other members, how things were going on the farm, and how the people on the farm were doing. If I ever had a question, Vicki always emailed me back . We didn't get a chance to make it to the parties but will this year! I really could have not asked for a better experience and can't wait to start up again in the Spring! Thank you!

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nettie lastname says:    (Feb 7, 2010)

I could have written this word for word! Loved our share and now we're bumping it up to the larger one because the kids were fighting over who got the first and most of their favorite veggies and fruits! And I agree- Genesis Growers starts earlier and lasts longer than a lot of the other options. Great for me, because the farmers markets around here seem to be limited to the June-Oct. seasons.

Wonderful CSA
By: Derek    (Jul 24, 2008)

I have been very please with Vicki and Genesis Growers. I had almost 10 deliveries before my friend had 1 from his CSA. I receive emails every week with recipes and a list of what to expect in the next day delivery which is delivered right to my doorstep by Vicki herself. All the produce is beautiful, delicious and fresh. Vicki is very personable and willing to answer any questions you may have for her.

They had flooding issues (along with half of Iowa and Illinois) and kept us abreast of the status of everything and were still able to provide ample food during the following weeks. They put their heart and soul into their farm and it shows.

They also have two parties at the farm so you can see where your food is coming from. I regret missing the first but will definitely attend the second.

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