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Still making the trip!
By: Christy Tosatto    (Jun 27, 2010)

We still drive up to Hedgeapple every few months to load the freezer with quality beef. We are now officially grass-fed beef snobs, savoring the delicious difference from grocery store fare. I love the no-fuss prepackaged cuts which are easy to freeze and quick to thaw. The service and selection at Hedgeapple is always top-notch.


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By: Chris Hamilton    (Jun 3, 2010)

we made our first trip to Hedgeapple over the hoilday weekend. The T- bones we purchased were both tender and flavorful. Some friends of mine said that grass fed beef can be tough,they were dead wrong. One other thing I noticed was that there was no grease left on the plate. Now I can eat steak and not feel guilty.

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Great source of grass fed beef!
By: Jesse Judy    (May 13, 2010)

I found Hedgeapple Farm on when I was researching the benefits of grass fed beef. As a performance coach, I was looking to meet my own personal needs with the best option available. After I visited Hedgeapple and made my first purchase I have not needed to look anywhere else. Once every month I make the 2 hour round trip from Towson to purchase a 20lb box of lean ground beef along with an assortment of other cuts. The ground beef is great and my family uses it in everything from burgers to pasta to meatloaf to stuffed peppers. Outstanding beef in usable quantities is what sets Hedgeapple Farm above the rest.

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By: Rita Hamrick    (May 6, 2010)

My three year old son loves Hedgeapple Farms hotdogs! He asks for them every day for lunch, and will eat two at a time. Since the beef is grass fed and organic, we give him as many as he wants. I am happy to find a healthy and tasty hotdog to serve as kid food. My husband and I have really enjoyed the roasts and briskets.

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Perfect Organic Beef
By: Jon Hussey    (May 3, 2010)

In the last year, I have become dedicated to eating only grass-fed beef. I have organized "cow-pools" with friends and gotten beef from several different farms in the MD and VA area. None of them could compare to the deal and the quality of beef from Hedgeapple and their box assortment.

Unlike buying a half our quarter cow, you end up with less ground beef and more of the cuts you want when you buy the boxed assortment. The delmonico ribeye is one of the greatest steaks I have ever eaten.

I have introduced my entire hockey team to Hedgeapple's beef and now they are all as impressed as I am. If you want to stop eating corn-fed beef filled with hormones and you don't want to spend a fortune on steaks from Whole Foods, make the trip to Hedgeapple.

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Sirloin Roast to die for...
By: Jim Crimmins    (May 3, 2010)

Our family makes a trip out to Hedgeapple Farms every 6-8 weeks (~90 minute round trip) to stock the freezer with the absolute best steaks and roasts around. They are the only folks we've found that sell tri-tip, which is fantastic on the grill; we also really enjoy the sirloin steaks, which are wonderful cuts of meat at a great price for a weeknight / everyday of the week meal. And the 4 pound sirloin roast has become an expected dish when friends and family are in town.

Since the herd is usually right there, the little folks in the family also really like walking back to see the cows, too! (They aren't quite old enough to make the "what do the cows in the field do?" connection yet, but the steaks are so good we don't think it will be an issue when they do...)

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Excellent Beef
By: Peggy Rosenbluth    (Apr 30, 2010)

Hedgeapple Farm has the best beef; from excellent flavor to perfect marbling. Dr. Scott Barao is always helpful and will work with the customer to make sure they get the particular cut and size they're looking for. If a particular cut is not available on that day, Dr. Barao will let the customer know when they can expect this cut to be available. He's even set aside portions for us when he knew how much we were looking for one particular cut. We buy all of our beef from Hedgeapple and will continue to do so in the future.

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Hedgeapple forever
By: Melanie Schwebler    (Apr 30, 2010)

We started buying from the Hedgeapple farm over a year ago and we have not bought any other meat ever since. There is nothing that can compare out there in any super market!

And whenever I have a question about how to prepare a different meat, Scott comes to the rescue... and it tastes awesome. I highly recommend buying from Scott - you will taste the difference.

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