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Sirloin Roast to die for...
By: Jim Crimmins    (May 3, 2010)

Our family makes a trip out to Hedgeapple Farms every 6-8 weeks (~90 minute round trip) to stock the freezer with the absolute best steaks and roasts around. They are the only folks we've found that sell tri-tip, which is fantastic on the grill; we also really enjoy the sirloin steaks, which are wonderful cuts of meat at a great price for a weeknight / everyday of the week meal. And the 4 pound sirloin roast has become an expected dish when friends and family are in town.

Since the herd is usually right there, the little folks in the family also really like walking back to see the cows, too! (They aren't quite old enough to make the "what do the cows in the field do?" connection yet, but the steaks are so good we don't think it will be an issue when they do...)

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Excellent Beef
By: Peggy Rosenbluth    (Apr 30, 2010)

Hedgeapple Farm has the best beef; from excellent flavor to perfect marbling. Dr. Scott Barao is always helpful and will work with the customer to make sure they get the particular cut and size they're looking for. If a particular cut is not available on that day, Dr. Barao will let the customer know when they can expect this cut to be available. He's even set aside portions for us when he knew how much we were looking for one particular cut. We buy all of our beef from Hedgeapple and will continue to do so in the future.

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Hedgeapple forever
By: Melanie Schwebler    (Apr 30, 2010)

We started buying from the Hedgeapple farm over a year ago and we have not bought any other meat ever since. There is nothing that can compare out there in any super market!

And whenever I have a question about how to prepare a different meat, Scott comes to the rescue... and it tastes awesome. I highly recommend buying from Scott - you will taste the difference.

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Freshest Meat, and the Best Service!
By: Jeff Bresnei    (Apr 29, 2010)

Since switching to Hedgeapple Farm, we have eaten store bought meat a couple times, and immediately noticed a strong "metallic" taste to the meat by comparison to Hedgeapple.

I suggest using Hedgeapple Brats to replace the grilled sausage with peppers and onions - there is no comparison!

Scott, as always, helps answer questions regarding preparation and makes some great suggestions if you are in doubt regarding which cut to serve.

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Wonderful beef!
By: Tina Jones    (Apr 29, 2010)

We love the taste of the pasture raised beef. I mostly purchase ground beef but a few months ago got a London Broil for Beef Carbonade. It was wonderful!!! I have also purchased briskets when we get a watering for Texas style brisket. Best beef hands down!

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Greatest place in MD to get grass fed beef
By: Ian Shifrin    (Apr 28, 2010)

My wife and I make at least a monthly pilgrimage out to Frederick (30 minute drive) to get our meat for the month. We love their ground beef boxes ( twenty-one 1lb packages of ground beef) which are convenient and delicious. We can pull one out of the freezer for burgers, taco, spaghetti, etc.

They have some of the best all beef brats (I don't eat pork, so these really make my day).

I have gotten whole tenderloins and hanger steaks for special occasions, and everyone has raved. We even had them supply all the meat to our cater for wedding.

They used to have the best half smokes, and I keep asking Steve to bring them back before BBQ season really starts up, and I'm hoping that he will (maybe you can ask him to).

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First of many purchases from Hedgeapple to come!
By: Jeff Bresnei    (Feb 15, 2010)

My wife and I just tried one of the Deluxe Box assortments that Scott put together for us, and I don't believe we will ever buy meat from a grocery store again! The beef was tender and melted in your mouth. It was so full of flavor, it put all other meat to shame. Its hard to believe something that tastes so good is actually better for your health too.

The night after we tried Hedgeapple farm beef, we ate at a really expensive restaurant that was having a prime rib special - though the restaurant was very nice- the steak simply could't compare! We cannot wait to try the rest of the meat selections.

Quality of meat aside, the quality of service at Hedgeapple is second to none. Scott was wonderful to deal with and perhaps the most knowledgeable butcher we have ever met.

If you haven't tried Hedgeapple Farms yet, you need to do so!!!

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Wonderful Beef!
By: James Golden    (Jan 30, 2010)

I bought one of the farm's 40-50 lb. "premium beef box" a few weeks and have been living large ever since. I emailed Dr. Scott ahead of time and he was willing to swap out some comparably priced cuts for stuff my family likes. My box came with about 10 1-lb. packages and like the commenter below ours is almost gone. We've been making the best cheesburgers and spaghetti and meatballs we have ever eaten. My neighbors keep asking me for the recipe for the burgers. Tonight we finished two brontosaurus-sized t-bone steaks. One tip if you have never cooked was grass fed beef is to use slightly lower heat and get a good instant-read thermometer (like a Thermapen). Ours were perfect and better than almost anything I've ever had in a steak house. (And I found them a little better marbled than other grass-fed I have had.) The farm's cabin shop is organized and clean, and Scott is a true professional and will answer any questions you have. I will definitely be back!

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