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The only beef to eat
By: Hope Green    (Mar 26, 2009)

Hedgeapple Beef is the only beef we eat. I love the purity of its taste, and I know it is healthy. It's also important for me to know that the cows are humanely raised and processed...good for the environment, good for the cows and good for the consumer. Since it's just my husband and me and our dog, I don't like buying large quantities, so the convenience of buying specialty cuts when I want and need them appeals to me.

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Best Beef in Maryland ... No Bull! ... lol
By: Dan Kosek    (Mar 6, 2009)

We have been buying beef from HedgeApple Farms for about 2 years. Clean, healthy, great tasting roasts, steaks and burgers. Scott and Ryan are always ready to help anyway they can, from recipes to a hand getting our purchases out to the car. If you like beef, you'll love HedgeApple beef. If you don't like store bought beef, do yourself a favor, try some HedgeApple beef. :)

BTW ... Its the ONLY beef my 20 year old Celiac daughter can eat. She can taste the difference between grain feed mystery meat from the grocery store and real, grass feed, hormone/antibiotic free HedgeApple Beef!!! So can we!

Blessing to all the team at HedgeApple Farms. We are glad your local to us up in Thurmont.

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Great beef and customer service!
By:    (Mar 4, 2009)

We love the grass finished Hedgeapple beef....and the great customer service at the store! We have been buying Hedgeapple beef over a year and it is so worth the drive from Ashburn, VA! The beef is always top quailty and very tender! Keep raising top quaity grass finished beef....and we'll keep making the trip from Ashburn.

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By: Ruth Ziercher    (Mar 1, 2009)

I enjoyed farm raised beef in Ohio and we despaired of finding something suitable here that was reasonably priced. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL beef-we bought a variety of steaks and ground beef. My husband was more the meat person but this is the kind of beef you enjoy and are still going "mmm" hours later. 100% agreement with the other reviewer who said it was the best beef ever. We will be back!!!

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The only beef in town
By: Kris Welch    (Mar 1, 2009)

As my husband read more and more books about the safety and quality of our food supply, we became quite anxious to find a way to purchase beef that tasted good and was raised in an environment that we could feel good about. Imagine how happy we were to discover Hedgeapple Farm just miles from our house. This is the only place where we'll buy beef and we've never been disappointed. The taste of the beef is always exceptional and the healthy, natural environment that the cattle are raised in is a major factor for our support of this local farm.

The atmosphere in the store is always friendly and inviting and we look forward to our monthly shopping excursions at Hedgeapple Farm.

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We love Hedgeapple Farms meats!
By: Jan and Phil Knopp    (Mar 1, 2009)

When Hedgeapple Farm opened its historic cabin store I was thrilled! Since we have limited freezer space I was pleased to be able to buy smaller quantities of beef.

My husband is a big fan of their beef jerky. In fact we gave away bags of Hedgeapple Farms beef jerky as Christmas goodies. Everyone loved the taste and texture of the product.

In fact I get requests for Hedgeapple Farms meat when I entertain friends for dinner.

I am glad that the products are frozen so that I can transport them easily to my family who live in Virginia.

I have always been quite happy with the quality of the meat and the customer service in the store.

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Hedgeapple Farm ---- Does a Body Gooooood
By: Pat Hancock    (Feb 28, 2009)

I was vegetarian for decades and then my acupuncturist strongly recommended eating red meat. The only way I could bring myself to do it is if I could find locally raised, grass-fed beef. Wow, we all are feeling so much better.

Grass fed is delicious!!! Scott is a joy to visit. We are very grateful you're doing what you are doing.


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the only beef I will eat
By: Mary Maher    (Feb 28, 2009)

I have adored chicken since I was a little girl and have it about 6 times a week, untillllllllllllllll I had a steak from Hedgeapple. Now, I will make a trip from Bethesda, periodically, to get steaks and their pulled beef. The taste is 'out of this world', and has turned me on to beef. I love sharing it with my grandchildren because I know that it is organic and safe for them to eat. That is , probably, the highest compliment I can give to Hedgeapple Farms--the little children love the taste and it doesn't have all the additives that are harmful to them.

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