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Best farm ever
By: Jacob Savage    (Jun 19, 2017)

Best farm ever.

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Southern Belle Farm McDonough GA
By: Pamela Wallen    (Oct 19, 2015)

While my family and I have been several times to Southern Belle, last Friday was a visit we will not repeat as we will not go there again. We thought that reserving a camp fire and having hot dogs and smores with the kids would be a great way to spend the evening and then the kids could do the rides (that we would pay for of course). However, once my daughter arrived (as we had an emergency and had to change some of the plans) in addition to the money I paid to reserve the camp fire she had to pay an additional $176 for everyone to have rides, even though the adults were not doing the rides. For $226 (the total we ended up paying) we could have all gone to the most expensive restaurant where we live and had a camp fire in the back yard at home. Southern Belle did not take into account the abilities of lack there of for the adults who were not able to do the rides, but charged them anyway. A sad world we live in where greed rules.

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Wonderfully Well-Rounded
By: Tasha Moody    (Nov 7, 2014)

My mother and I took the children to Southern Belle Farm in the summer of 2014 to pick strawberries. The entire experience was delightful and enriching for us and the children. We have visited u-pick farms before and picked our own fruit or vegetables. However, Southern Belle was more than just u-pick.

They have livestock some which you can even feed. The children were able to walk through the livestock area. Southern Belle even has an area for visitors to sit and enjoy are meal. It was great exercise to walk through the entire farm. After picking our strawberries we stopped at the market stand and purchased a few more items before heading to the main entrance and purchasing some of their homemade ice cream. This was the best ice cream we had ever had and visited the farms a few more times just to get the ice cream.

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