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A real character.
By: Nero Kirk    (Mar 16, 2021)

Could write a few paragraphs, but I?ll make it short. He would focus on hiring females interns, watched it unfold over and over, in hopes of having a more then friendly relationship. to no avail. Mostly due to misunderstanding that just because someone comes from a less privileged country, doesn?t mean there easier to manipulate or impress. Also a general low life, as it turns out. I was never paid for the work that I did as an adult and always exploit when I worked on the farm as a kid. This is someone that let hundreds of chickens melt down in his freezers to collect insurance money, when the opportunity presented, at the same time using that excuse to not pay me for all electrical work, I had done. claimed after he refused to pay me, that me turning the power off was the cause, yet he has many redundancies to make sure they stayed frozen, and it takes a very long time for closed full deep freezers to raise above freezing point, not to mention I made a point of turning all his power off and when I left, so why would he leave his freezers off or not check them. he purposely let them melt down. The list goes on, I wouldn?t have even wrote this, if not for him being a ?friend?of my fathers, he had no problem ripping me off a few months after his passing. And he continues to make money from the buried conduit and power system I put in his chicken out building and wired his panel box and entire now house(he complained about paying me back for material, so After completing the electrical work, I asked to be payed and he refused, said he wanted to do the plumbing also, I even told him half would be okay before I started the next project, and he ignored me and would walk away) after his house allegedly caught fire from dry lumber around his chimney. hope he does better in the future. And that I?m the only one he?s treated this poorly.

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Flavorful Chickens
By: Janalee S Redmond    (Sep 28, 2015)

I have been buying chickens from the Kodners at the Sheridan School Market in Washington DC for several years now. These are the most flavorful chickens, with lots of meat but also bones that make excellent broth. (I find grocery chickens to be rather tasteless and am never happy with the quality of the broth that they make.) I feel confident that sustainable farming practices are observed and appreciate their organic certification.

I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality bird that cooks up with a superior flavor. Well worth the price.

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