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By: Cheri Holland    (Apr 12, 2011)

We have been going to pick cherries in Leona Valley for over 20 years. I was there picking cherries with my husband and oldest daughter the Memorial Day weekend 19 years ago that my youngest daughter was born. We LOVE cherries. Last year 2010 I was looking for days and hours of the cherry picking farms and came across Copeland's; what orginially drew us to them was the fact that they are CCOF certified (organic). We went there and picked cherries 3 times last year and we definately will be going back! We loved their cherries so much that we dried some in the dehydrator and just finished them last month, yummy. The cherries are wonderful and the staff there is friendly and helpful. If you are looking to pick cherries I definately suggest that you go to Copeland's.

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