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High quality plants and customer service
By: Miguel P..    (Oct 4, 2013)

When I first shopped at Pepe's I must admit I had minimal knowledge/interest in the art/science of plants. My first visit to Pepe's was in search for a miracle fruit tree. I had seen the tree on a tv show years before and was in search for one since. Pepe was very informative and highly knowledgeable with the species. He was also very honest and upfront about how difficult it would be to care for this tree. I bit the bullet and got myself two trees. 6 months later and a few follow up trouble shooting calls to Pepe's have yielded healthy plants. I have also bought a number of other fruit trees from him with similar success. I would highly recommend buying from Pepe's. You may get some plants at the big box stores for same/cheaper and some you wont find anywhere else but here. i can attest most of those cheaper plants are not as healthy as the ones you'll get here and you'll certainly not get the quality customer service. As a side note i would highly recommend the worm casting they sell. Really makes s difference when you make compost tea with it.

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By: hamlet thervil    (Sep 20, 2013)

pepe the organic thrive is magic ....

a few days ago, I used it and I start seeing results especially with my soar soup tree. Now leaves start coming out . I really recommend his product.

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Fruit trees, nutrients and good advice
By: mike schmidt    (Jul 21, 2013)

Pepe has a very nice selection of hard to find fruit trees and plenty of professional advice on how to care for your trees. He has a lot of fruit tree you'll never find at you typical garden center. I had an ailing Malika Mango tree in my yard which I was considering getting rid off. After advice and some organic food/fertilizer (organik-thrive) from Pepe the tree recovered very nicely and is full of Mangoes this year. So much that I had to brace the branches so they don't brake from the weight of the fruit. Also saved my Yamagata Avocado (Hawaiian variety) that was doing sub-par and is looking beautiful now. Pepe knows gardening. If your are looking to improve the yield and health of your existing plantings or are looking for new trees to plant Pepe can help you out.

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Pepe is fantastic
By: Bill Turner    (Jun 6, 2013)

5 Stars are not enough for Pepe. I give him at least 6!!! On a more serious note: To anyone looking for a very knowledgeable, honest, guy whether it is for fruit trees, fertilizer, or whatever your botanical needs I can not recommend anyone else more highly. He will talk to you in depth about any of your questions and really cares about the service he provides. In South Florida people like Pepe are very few and far between. Thanks Pepe for all your advice, knowledge, and great trees you have brought to my door!!!! It has been a pleasure getting to know you so far.

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Great Service, Great Plants
By: Cammie Mckenzie    (Apr 19, 2013)

We've bought a few trees from Pepe's now due in part to his wide variety of tropical plants and the helpful information he posts on his site/shares in person. On many varieties he carries, his plants are larger and much more eye appealing than those you might find at Home Depot or Lowes. For example his Acerola Cherry trees are far more developed and already fruiting, while the ones at local retailers are spindly stalks. Jason is very friendly and always available to answer questions or give advice. If you live in South Florida we highly recommend giving Pepe's a try. Ask for a Miracle Fruit demonstration and I guarantee you'll leave with a few trees afterwards ;)

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Great quality trees/advise
By: Angel Troche    (Mar 23, 2013)

Not only you get great and healthy fruit trees, his variety is great.

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Organik thrive
By: Natalia Ioszpe    (Feb 18, 2013)

The organik thrive is great! My husband and I have all sorts of vegetable plants growing in our back yard and they are reacting wonderfully to this organic compost tea. Our plants look stronger and have greener foliage than before this compost tea was introduced, and they are giving abundantly. Thank you for this gem! Natalia

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Dummy proof your garden!
By: Lua Cheia    (Jan 27, 2013)

His fertilizer "worm tea" thing is amazing!!! I have the BLACKest THUMBS yet his fertilizer has managed to bring my jasmine and gardenia bushes back from the dead. The 3 saggy leaves left on the bush sprouted up strong over-night. And now its sprouting new leaves like crazy!!!! It's been a week and I've just added more organic fertilizer and my bushes are beginning to look like bushes. Thanx man!

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