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Absolutely gorgeous, healthy trees!
By: Gia Cruz    (Dec 16, 2012)

I LOVE Pepe's trees! They have the best prices and the plants and trees are the best in town. The fruit trees I got from them are gorgeous and robust. Pepe's Fruit Trees is where I am getting all my trees, herbs and veggies from now on. Its not just the plants though, its the way they do business - its truly a pleasure. Buy with confidence!

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Organic Thrive
By: Sabrina RourkRocha    (Dec 4, 2012)

I ran into Pepe's Fruit Stand at the Farmers Market on Taft Street and I just so happen to inquiry about his plant food. He took time to explain to me all that when into his plant mixture (most of it went over my head) but I brought 1 gallon of it for my garden anyways. That night I mixed the organic thrive 1/1 with water and gave it to my plants. The next morning my 3 banana trees grew a new leaf each, my figs spawned 2 fruits and almost all of my plants had that "preaky leaf" look. I would recommend this product to anyone... ;)

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Pepe's Organikthrive GO GO Juice
By:    (Nov 28, 2012) name is GO GO Juice because my plants are GO ing UP! Thanks Jason! Signed, The Edible Gardening Gal

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YG Farmers Market
By: Otto No    (Nov 27, 2012)

I was in the market for a coconut cream mango tree so I looked up some places to get one and saw that pepes plants was going to be at the yellow green fm. I have not been there before so I decided that I should see what he had available.

It was my lucky day. Jason gave me a great price on a beautifull looking tree and gave me some advice on how and where to plant my new mango tree. He even held it for me while I walked around the market so that I could pick it up on the way back to the car.

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It's like Magic
By: Happy Family    (Nov 25, 2012)

New time vegetable grower - Jason walked us through what to put where - what to give each plant. He is great.

He sold us the liquid fertilizer and it has like magic for growth of the plants - well worth the price.

Happy Family here

Ryan and Family

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Jason and Pepe's Plants
By: Michael Jordan    (Nov 20, 2012)

Each of the trees I have bought from Jason at Pepe's Plants has been of the highest quality. A kafir lime, a Cogshall Mango ( I wanted a Julie, but the Cogshall Jason persuaded me to buy is perfect) which is growing very nicely, and several others.

His advice has been spot on. I changed my mind about several trees I had in mind and paid attention to Jason's recommendations. I'm glad I did.

Sauceman, Michael Jordan

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Absolutely Amazing!
By: Roxanne Raphael    (Jun 25, 2012)

As a newbie to growing our own fruits and veggies, we had no clue on where to start or how to proceed once we bought any trees. He took his time to explain the REASONS why things are best done a certain way and extended an open invitation to ask him for any help. Whenever we go to the Yellow Green Farmer's Market, we are sure to stop by and ask for advice. He is always ready to be of assistance. We, and our plants, are doing very well now and the organic fertilizer ( Maxicorp Liquid Seaweed ) did wonders for our plants who are now thriving under the care of two people who have no green thumb whatsoever.

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Kudos to Pepe
By: valerie owchariw    (May 21, 2012)

Pepe is the tree-man to see. I got fruit trees for a great price. He was was extremely knowledgeable and assisted me immediately. I ended up going home with all the knowledge needed to hopefully grow the best looking trees in Broward. I will be returing to buy more trees for my yard.

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