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Pepe 's Fruit trees
By: mario eaton    (Feb 27, 2012)

I have been a customer of Pepe's nursurey for about two years now . Extremely healthy plants ! Best results Ive seen out of all my fruit trees that i bought anywhere else,and i have like 20 (just fruit trees) I've bought almost 10 fruit trees and flowering buhses from him already and they are all giving fruit and blooming very nice. The best thing I think about Pepes fruit tree nursurey is that they deliver this all to you at your doorstep ! All the best plants I've ever seen now all bushy and giving great results :) . Great prices also , usually nursureys are very pricy with all there plants .I recommed Pepe's Nursurey to anyone who is looking for healthy good producing plants.

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Pepe is an Educator!
By: Teree Harrison    (Nov 28, 2011)

We had a new lychee tree in our yard that mysteriously died. After that we were afraid to try again. We met Pepe and he taught us about how to nurture our new trees. We have learned so much from him and every time we meet, learn more and more!

You are AWESOME Pepe!!!

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Magic Fruit
By: John Duff    (Nov 27, 2011)

Jason (Pepe) was extremely helpful when I visited him at the Hollywood Farmer's Market (Yellow Green). I purchased a healthy Magic Fruit tree from him and it immediately produced fruit when I transplanted it into a new pot. In the past year I'm on my third round of fruit and it's been thriving. In my last visit to the Farmer's Market I had some follow-up watering questions and he was more than willing to provide some of his green thumb expertise.

Thank you Jason for all your help! I highly recommend Jason (Pepe) to all my friends/family. -John

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Quality Trees.....Quality Service.
By: Roberto Paul    (Sep 15, 2011)

I found Jason (Pepe) off of a search for Julie mango trees on Craigslist South Florida area search (who would have thunk). Browsing through his website, and reading the Local Harvest customer reviews (linked from his site), I felt very comfortable to contact him during the week about some tropical fruit tree plants I was interested in. I meet with Jason that Saturday and was in awe of a 3 gal Neelum mango tree he had for sale. Growing up in the caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago), I have never seen a young mango tree that looked so healthy as his. The semi dark green of it's leaves just "popped" against the beige/light brown tree trunk. From the leaves, young stems, to the trunk...all of the trees he had for sale just looked virile and ready to be planted for successful fruiting. It was obvious that allot of thought was taken into growing his trees this healthy- and each plant was a trophy for his method's success. Jason was very receptive to my numerous questions about mango tree care and the different species. I was sold after the first 3 mins of our 10 mins conversaton. I placed an order on the spot for a 3 Gal Julie and a Mallika mango tree from him and he told me that he would keep in touch about the trees before next saturday. Jason certainly did, and the following Saturday I picked up two gorgeous mango trees. He encourages you to contact him with any questions on plant care. If he dosen't have something in stock, he'll tell you where to buy it. He's certainly a friendly guy who is easy to talk to and I trust his advice. I'm now looking to add a Lancetilla mango tree to the mix and Pepe's will be my source for all my future plant/tree needs.

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Pepe's has the healthiest plants you can buy!
By: Dru Melville    (Sep 3, 2011)

I met Jason at that yellow and green market about six or eight months ago. Since then I have bought a fig tree, 15 Barbados cherries, 2 super dwarf bananas, a starfruit plant some vegetable plants and herbs. The great thing about his plants is when you bring them home they don't get sick and die. My plants I bought from him look amazing once in a while if I'm having a problem I call him and he will tell me exactly what to do. If I need a special fertilizer or an organic insect repellent and he doesn't have it he will tell me where I can get it or he will get it for me.

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Happy Customers
By: Jessica Carter    (Jul 19, 2011)

I have been by Pepe's Plants at the Yellow Green Farmers market a few times. I have purchased several plants from him. My first was a jasmine plant which is doing so well in my yard. We have been looking for an avocado tree for awhile, and was very impressed with his selection (and price) at the market. The trees are grafted so they will produce fruit sooner, and the tree we purchased actually already had small avocados on it, which would be taken off to promote growth. Our avocado tree is planted now in our backyard. On his website you can see how to plant the trees, and he can tell you also how to care for the tree. Pepe is very knowledgeable, he will answer any question you have. I will definitely be by Pepe's Plants again soon. You can tell his plants and trees are very well taken care of, and he can tell you about all of them! Stop by sometime, you won't regret it! :)

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My favorite plant guy
By: Donna Merritt    (Jul 9, 2011)

I found Jason when searching for a Dragon Fruit plant. I searched online and found his site and within a few days he delivered my plant to my door. Since that time I have purchased many plants and fruit trees from Pepe's Plants (I usually visit him weekly at the Yellow Green Market in Hollywood) . His plants are healthy and beautiful and grown well. He is knowledgeable about the plants he sells and is always ready and willing to offer help and advice as to south Florida gardening.. There are many growers here in south Florida but Jason's plants and trees are just a cut above the rest. Always healthy and thriving plants that are conditioned to grow well. Stop by the Yellow Green Market and say hello to him. You'll be well satisfied with your plants. Once you start getting your plants from Jason he will become your favorite "plant guy" too. I have never had a problem with any of the plants purchased from Jason but I know that if I did have a problem he would take cre of it. Donna Merritt Dania, Fl

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Quality and Service
By: Tom Mogavero    (Jun 22, 2011)

I purchased 2 mango trees and an orange tree from Pepe's. The quality of these trees are the best you'll find. Aside from that, the service you'll get is outstanding. I refer to Pepe as the "tree doctor". When I bought the mango's trees, Pepe actually delivered them to my house. I'm sure this is not something he does on a regular basis I just happened to be in range of his travels. but when Pepe came to my house he examined the avocado and orange trees and advised me what I should do to care for them. When I have questions about my fruit trees, Pepe always makes time out of his busy schedule to discuss and resolve any concerns I may have. I will continue to purchase from Pepe however I'm running out of room in my backyard. since my neighbor first let me try mango's for the first time, (I'm a former Northerner) I convinced my neighbor to plant fruit trees, I gave him one of the mango trees I purchased from Pepe. He's hooked and can't wait to add additional trees.

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