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Great CSA
By: Marlene Hamm    (Oct 2, 2012)

My husband and I have recieved half shares for two summers. The selection and quality is great. From herbs, salad, squash, tomatoes, corn, and eggs, we have been satisfied with everything we have recieved. Matt is super friendly, helpful, and does notifications through texts and email. Since I joined the csa, I taught myself canning, so we still get to enjoy Sunset View's produce through the winter.

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Excellent Produce and pick up options. Convenient CSA
By: Ashwini Iyer    (Oct 2, 2012)

This is my first experience joining a CSA and I wanted to join a farm that did organic vegetables and was not too expensive also. Sunset Farm is the answer.

Matt is very helpful in providing notifications and provides a lot of produce even for a half share. I am still using the box of tomatoes,zuchhini he gave me in the summer.

In Addition, Matt provides Organic eggs when needed from another farm. He has the convenient pickup option from Jersey City which is very hard to find in the Northern New jersey area.

I give full 5 stars to Sunset Farm for growing all different vegetables and providing us farm fresh produce even though we don't live near the farm. Its definitely a CSA to join for folks living in Jersey City, Secaucus and around areas since its the best.

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My 2011 CSA Experience
By: josephine medina    (Mar 8, 2012)

We had a great experience with the Sunset View CSA. We were happy with the veggies that were picked for us, and the membership was a great price. We did see some of the other reviews and yes there was a skipping for us as well, but Matt more than made up for it with the following week with extra veggies and peaches. Due to the heavy rains during the harvest time the collection of some veggies were halted but who can control mother nature! Overall he was a pleasure to know and he was very generous with tips and even baby plants to grow ourselves! I would definately do the CSA with the Sunset View Farm we have no regrets and will be looking forward to doing it again this year.

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I enjoyed my 2011 produce getting ready for 2012
By: Ashley Rios    (Feb 7, 2012)

Last years season started off great with lots of herbs and greens. Then we went into tomatoes peppers cucumbers and even potatoe season. Then august came with the rain so I know matt must of had a hard time with that Hurricane but he still got some food through! So I read the other review about the peaches if I remember correctly Matt said he was giving this to us in addition to are regular share, and they were absolutely delicious, and yes they were very ripe.

The end of the season was a little light with produce but everything was still great. The wonderful thing about CSA is that we are supporting the farmer with are membership fees and were getting fresh organic produce. So i'm joining again this year and can't wait for my first delivery of herbs and greens.

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Avoid this CSA
By: Nicci Schock    (Jan 23, 2012)

I agree 100% with everything that Juli says in her review.

My boyfriend and I did a 1/2 share last year and were really excited about it. We reviewed the spreadsheet of items that were planted and thought it seemed like an abundance of variety.

I'm not sure if we even got half of our promised deliveries. We did not get the first delivery (I had only known it was the first because of FB posts), so I contacted Matt and my paperwork had been misplaced so we were forgotten. We were promised that it would be made up for in the next delivery, but I can't say that it was. I was told when I initially paid that we wouldn't have to pay the delivery fee since there were many Hoboken deliveries, but mid-way through the season he told me I needed to pay him for each of the deliveries we had received. I left a check for him which ended up being returned to me later. ? We did not receive the variety of produce we were expecting and what we did receive was poor quality most of the time. We also had to throw away food. The late Thursday deliveries and texts saying 'no delivery this week' were also inconvenient. We would have gone to the farmer's market as well.

We were extremely disappointed and have decided that this year we prefer going to the uptown Hoboken farmer's market to get fresh produce. I really hate to write a bad review, but it was definitely not worth the money.

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says:    (Jan 25, 2012)

Sounds like lack of communication. I am sure that if dissatisfaction would have been communicated, the complaint would have been resolved. CSA's are not as easily managed because of weather situations...(last summer was certainly a difficult one with all the rain) one needs to be flexible with their expectations. I would have contacted the CSA and asked for a resolution to my situation.

Matthew Odenthal says:    (Feb 6, 2012)

This Member did not properly sign up, their Check was sent to wrong addres and wrong Name, and that is why 2 deliveries were missed ... delivery were left with their doorman on all delivery nights. This member signed up for August 1st season thru Octobet and recived 12 deliveries and they never paid Us the weekly Drop-off-Delivery fee . They was great variety of 18 diffrent kinds of veggies that was delivered during the end of the season to them too. we did have 37 CSA members this year and 3 weeks of wet August weather to contend with also were we still delivered .

Nicci Schock says:    (Feb 7, 2012)

This is not true. I paid via paypal and emailed the registration documents. There was no mailing of anything on my part, so the check did not get sent to the wrong address. I'm not trying to attack anyone here. I just gave my feedback on my experience, which was very frustrating and did not meet my expectations for the program.

I wouldn't use this CSA again.
By: Juli Reyes    (Nov 2, 2011)

My husband and I did a CSA 1/2 share for delivery in Hoboken.

Minor problems to start off with, not a big deal but it should have clued me in...

The deliveries were on Thursday, not Wed. as indicated on all information.

The website and paperwork also said that we would get recipes, know ahead of time what we were getting and all of that but it never happened, and forget about the chart on the website showing what produce you would be getting..

The first deliveries started in late June, they were great, a lot of food and herbs, almost too much food for us to use. But this didn't last very long.

I think we only got herbs 2-3 times total and it seemed like we were only getting tomatoes and peppers and then one random food. A few times when the produce was light Matt would give us a paper bag of peaches or a mellon but they were so bruised and mushy that they wouldn't last 1 day, I ended up tossing most of them.

We would usually get a text (Thurs) the day of telling us when to expect the food delivery, the window was usually 2 hours and then another text when he was very close to our apt. This was ok I understand parking/driving in Hoboken can be a pain, but getting veggies at 9:30 on a Thursday night when we're going out of town on Friday morning became a problem for us a few times.

He also texted us that the family is going on vacation & there would be no deliveries that week (the day of the delivery)! If I would have known ahead of time I would have gone to the farmers market on Tuesday! I grew up in the country, farmers in my family, no farmer goes on vacation when they have crops in season. Also thought this was strange. If you're going on vacation can you give us a heads up ahead of time? But this is the thing that really bothered me and the reason why I am writing this review... WE ONLY GOT HALF OF OUR DELIVERIES! Only 12 out of 24!

I know there was a hurricane and lots of rain this summer/fall but only half? We paid full price, I understand some problems but there were always farmers at our local farmers market with produce.

The last 3 or 4 times we heard from Matt were text messages (on Thursday nights) saying something like �??¢?¯?¿?½??¯?¿?½?Sorry there won't be any delivery this week because of the rain. Next week we will have ... ... & ... for you." Then the next week would be a similar text.

We have tried contacting Matt numerous times in mid October but heard nothing from him. It is now November as I am writing this.

I love the idea of the CSA but I would not recommend this farm.

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Matthew Odenthal says:    (Feb 6, 2012)

Hi Juilanna, The extra tomatoes you were given a few weeks in a row, were requested by your husband, 16 deliveries were made to your addresss, 2 were not made as you were on Vacation. The week of Our family went on vacation was emailed to everyone ahead of time and I also told everyone a week in advance. Their was a few hurtles to over come the 2011 season that affected our crops, worst of all the 14 days of rain we had in August after the hurricane ..... that realy ruined 1/2 our crops.

My experience on Sunset View Farm
By: Melissa Sirio    (Feb 17, 2011)

I had a wonderful experience growing a few varieties of veggies and fruit on the farm. The owner is very hospitable and knowledgable. This year we look forward to tasting the wonderful produce grown this year from the Sunset View Farm CSA. Our children learned alot being on the farm, doing lots of hands on work and seeing the results of there hard labor. It is worth the drive to a beautiful area away from the city life!

The farm also has some friendly chickens and sheep and the children get to pet and feed as well. There are many nice families that have plots there as well and we all got to know each other. There is lots of sharing of produce and herbs that are just wonderful to use at home for cooking. I definitely would recommend this farm as a must see on the to do list!

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Sunset View Farm
By: Susan GardenDiva    (Feb 16, 2011)

5 Stars, loved it, that is for sure. 2010 was my first year at the farm volunteering and planting my own plot. So much to do, so much to learn and you are in the clean fresh air we were meant to breath. We had a great group of volunteers, hard workers all, we got so much done. I know we will continue to grow each year. Linda and her family are very gracious people to invite us onto to their farm and share so much with us. Their friendship and time in the gardens and fields were enjoyed by many. Stop by for a visit sometime, someone will be glad to show you around the place; if you plan to bring a large group call ahead and we'll have people to show you around. Know this, we might just put you to work and you will enjoy every minute of it!

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