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from: Earthly Remedies by Erin

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No poisons and no fleas
By: Nancy Lee    (Mar 26, 2016)

Evidently the fleas are getting resistant to the poisons out there (those drops that go on the back of the neck, you know the ones...) I ordered Erins spray, and I was skeptical, but determined to try and find something natural. It was simple to apply to my 3 dogs and 1 cat who have started with their spring itching like crazy. Within 1 day, all was quiet. I must say I was stunned. So now all I do is put a couple sprits on their neck and back near the tail every few days and they hardly itch ever! This is fantastic stuff. I can't recommend it highly enough. And it smells fantastic too, a hidden bonus for my smelly old pug guy.

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