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Kitty Heaven
By: Cynthia OBrien    (Jun 3, 2010)

My three kitties love, love, love this mix and it really does grow quickly. I've got six pots and I prepare 3 at a time. When the grass is nearing the end of its yummy tastiness, I start the other three so that by the time the first pots are done, I've got 3 fresh pots to take their place. I used to buy organic grass at my local pet store and it was fine, but it was of a single variety and the pots were so small! I use 6" plastic pots and my kitties bury their little faces in them while they chomp away. One thing to note is to put the plastic pots into heavier ceramic ones or just use heavy ceramic pots to begin with because my kitties get a little carried away and when I used plastic pots alone, they knocked them over in their enthusiasm - lol!

To close, I highly recommend this blend for a tasty treat for your cat(s).

Cynthia O'Brien San Francisco, CA

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