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Health Food
By:    (May 7, 2014)

Why do you have to put sugar on the berries? Isn't it supposed to be a health food? I would like to buy your dried blueberries but I don't want your sugar.

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Jennifer LaPointe says:    (Jun 11, 2015)

Thank you for your comment. The sugar helps to keep the dried fruit moist. This is especially important for the blueberries, since they are small fruit compared to the cherries, which is a larger fruit. The smaller fruit, like the blueberries, would turn into little hard pebbles if the sugar, helping to keep them moist, wasn't added. But the good news is we do offer no-sugar added dried cherries. They are cherries that are dried with no-added sugar. They are very tasting and a little more tart, too. This is what you would be looking for since it is a larger fruit compared to the blueberries. In addition, all fruit has natural sugar, fructose, in the fruit. Hope this answers your question.